94% of ISIT students find work in less than six months after graduation, 33% of them outside France.

Key recruiting sectors

Management and Communication

Multicultural team leadership, communication development within complex organisations, development of international client bases, and executive mobility management. ISIT graduates find management support positions in businesses around the world. 


Translators enter the translation departments of major international companies and organisations or join translation agencies. Some work on a freelance basis or set up their own companies.

Conference Interpreting

ISIT conference interpreters find employment in international organisations and in the private sector, working at congresses, symposia, during negotiations and in the media.


International lawyers and corporate lawyers, legal officers in law firms.

To post a job offer

Nathalie Schwartz – Head of Corporate Relations : n.schwartz@isit-paris.fr
ISIT Alumni (network of graduates and former students) : emploi@isitalumni.com