Integrated Internships

Integrated internships are optional and can be carried out by the students after approval by ISIT. They consist of translation assignments for international or non-profit organisations such as the Olympic Committee, the Catholic Committee against Hunger and for Development, etc.

Starting in 1992, the Olympic Charter has stipulated three working languages for the Olympic Games – French, English and language of the host country – and ISIT students play a part in the Games’ multilingualism. The internship programme is jointly funded by the French Ministry for Sports and the Olympic Committee of the host country. It is intended for third- and fourth-year students, selected by a joint committee whose members are drawn from ISIT and the Olympic Committee.

ISIT student participation in the Olympic Games

Event  2002 Winter Olympics (Salt Lake City) 2004 Summer Olympics (Athens) 2006 Winter Olympics (Turin)  2008 Summer Olympics (Beijing)
Student translators 6 on site
6 at Paris INSEP
9 on site
4 at Paris INSEP
3 on site
1 at Paris INSEP
7 on site (1 student during 1 year and 4 students during 4 months)
Student interpreters 0 6 0 0
Total 12 15 4 7

In 2009-2010, ISIT students helped organise and carry out the first Youth Olympic Games (YOG), initiated by the Olympic Committee. The event was held in Singapore, and featured rising young athletes from all over the world, competing in preparation for the 2012 London Olympics.

Integrated internships take place during the school year and may not exceed two weeks. However, waivers are possible for longer internships (deferments or gap year agreements).