International students

Degree level programme


Students who have completed their secondary education and who wish to enrol at ISIT can choose between 2 programmes:

Management, Communication and Translation Programme

Before you apply

This programme requires three working languages:

  • Regardless of their native language, applicants must be fluent in both French and English. ISIT is not a language school, and foreign students who wish to study here are required to complete the same admission exam as French students. New in 2014: the A language (i.e. the language into and from which translations are undertaken) is not necessary French.
  • Students whose mother tongue is not amongst the language combinations taught at ISIT can validate it at the end of the programme via a specific exam.
    For example, Russian students will work in French and English throughout the programme, but they will be awarded a degree with French, English and Russian as a language combination.
  • Students from English-speaking countries must have a good command of another modern language that can be studied at the school, such as Spanish, German, Italian, or Chinese.

How to apply

Application forms can be downloaded from the school website and sent to ISIT before the deadline indicated. You should also register with Campus France.
For more information see

Admission tests

Applicants can sit the admissions exam in their country of origin (at the French embassy or Alliance Française). Please contact the Studies Coordinator +33 (0)1 42 22 19 21 or by e-mail at, one month prior to the test date so that ISIT can schedule the session.

Conference Interpreting Programme

Most students who choose this programme either have dual nationality or are foreign students. The only requirement is a language combination that includes both French and English.

How to enrol

Lawyer-Linguist Programme

Students who choose this programme must also be enrolled in a law degree programme.

Non degree-level programme

ISIT welcomes foreign students, Ph.D. students, teachers and professionals who would like to attend courses. They can spend from a few weeks to a whole year at ISIT, at the end of which they receive a certificate of attendance.

Foreign students whose universities do not have a partnership with ISIT
Application procedure:
  • Applicants should send a statement, written in French, specifying their goals and reasons for applying, as well as how long they plan to attend ISIT.
  • They should include any academic qualifications that correspond to their desired course of study, and a letter of recommendation from a professor.
  • Deadline: the application must be received six months prior to the student’s planned date of arrival at ISIT.
Ph.D. students, teachers, professionals
Application procedure:
  • Applicants should send a statement, written in French, specifying their goals and reasons for applying, as well as how long they plan to attend ISIT. Applications must be received at least six months prior to the planned date of arrival at ISIT.

In all cases:

After review of their application, students who are accepted will receive a confirmation packet that includes:

  • Two copies of the summary of conditions for attending ISIT
  • A financial document specifying the costs of enrolment along with payment terms

Students who have applied for a grant and have been accepted must contact ISIT’s Financial Office, who will inform them about the next steps to take.

At least one month prior to arrival, students must return the signed document to ISIT, accompanied by payment of tuition.