Internships and experiences abroad

Each student must put together a professional project, with assistance from ISIT. This is one of the cornerstones of the Conference Interpretation programme, and it helps students successfully enter the job market.

First-year Internships

During their first year, students must complete an internship in a private firm or NGO.

A practical work experience in one of the main areas of activity (not including interpretation) broadens students’ knowledge of economics and expands their terminological resources.

  • Length: 2 to 3 months
  • Period: late May to late September
  • Key partners: major international firms and NGOs
  • Principal duty areas: marketing, communications (media and institutional relations in particular), HR, procurement, finances and lobbying
  • Internship location: In France for students whose B or C language is French, and abroad for students whose A language is French

Finding an internship is a personal effort that is a key part of a student’s training. ISIT provides internship offers submitted by partner companies, and assists students in their search.

Second-year Internships

Students in the second year of the Conference Interpretation programme carry out internships:

  • In "dummy booths" (with the microphone off) in various international organisations (Council of Europe, OECD, EU, UNESCO)
  • As volunteer interpreters for charitable and humanitarian organisations (e.g. Catholic Committee Against Hunger and for Development, Together Against the Death Penalty), and during student events such as the Geneva International Model United Nations (GIMUN)

Long-term language study stays (one or two semesters) can be organised at a student’s request (with support from or based on recommendations by their instructors) in one of ISIT’s partner institutions in CIUTI.