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17 September 2021

2021, the year of intergenerational solidarity – CAP ISIT Fundraising

Social and geographic diversity is part of our DNA. We are committed to being an inclusive and forward-looking Grande école. The (future) ISIT students count on intergenerational solidarity!

Support CAP ISIT, an intergenerational participatory financing campaign led by the student association Solidar’ISIT!

ISIT, Grande école of intercultural expertise, recruits on the basis of excellence in multilingualism and suitability for the school’s values: curiosity & ethics, boldness & rigor, passion & humanism.

With social responsibility as a constant guideline, ISIT maintains the tradition of social and geographic diversity of its students. Thus, a solidarity fund is set up each year in order to grant scholarships to students who need them to progress. This is done regardless of their social or geographical background. 

In 2020-21, 21% of students have received an ISIT scholarship

In the face of the exceptional situation generated by the COVID-19 crisis, the need has increased dramatically. More and more students and their families are deeply affected by the current economic crisis. They will be even more so in the months to come.

An important intergenerational solidarity 

With the support of the management department of our Grande école, the student association Solidar’ISIT has decided to continue its solidarity campaign, CAP ISIT 2021.

Because no student or future student should give up on ISIT for financial reasons, we need you!

  • 1st objective: Increase the Solidarity Fund: + 50,000 euros, i.e. + 20%.
  • 2nd Objective: Increase the number of ISIT scholarship recipients: + 25 students, i.e. + 20%.
  • 3rd objective: Increase the amount of ISIT scholarships: 1,000 euros minimum, instead of 800 euros.

Intergenerational solidarity for the solidarity fund is crucial to the academic development of students at ISIT. 

Regardless of your status or connection to ISIT, you too can play a crucial role for our students. Donors have already offered their support in 2020. Join them and together, let’s contribute to building a more united world! 

Consult our CAP ISIT brochure

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