Admission tests

Here you will find past papers related to ISIT’s Master’s admission process, including tests and subjects for each master’s degree from previous years, so that candidates have a complete overview of the expectations and requirements of the selection process.

Using these records, students can familiarize themselves with the tests, identify the key competencies they need to develop and optimize their preparation to apply to the Grande École program.

Intercultural Communication & Translation

The Master’s program in Intercultural Communication & Translation trains professionals to manage translation and communication projects involving several languages.

Legal Translation Studies

The legal translation studies program in Law and Intercultural Studies prepares lawyers to work in a globalized professional context. In line with international standards for higher education, it welcomes students from all over the world and from diverse backgrounds, to learn about the challenges of interculturality in the field of law.

  • Find below the 4ᵉ year JL master admissions annals from previous years.

International Communication and Technology

The ISIT-EFREI International Master’s program in communication and technology offers a double diploma validated by ISIT-EFREI. It offers comprehensive training in digital communication, based on three essential pillars: technical, managerial and linguistic skills, as well as on intercultural expertise.

International Transformational Management

The International Transformational Management program focuses on managing transformation in a globalized environment.

Its interdisciplinary approach combines knowledge of management, communication and foreign languages.

Conference Interpreting

The Conference Interpreting program responds to the growing demand for multilingual communication generated by the globalization of politics and economies. This master’s degree provides advanced skills in oral communication, active listening and contextual analysis.

  • Keep abreast of current events in the various working languages via the print media. Not forgetting radio, television, the Internet…
    Consult our selection of reference newspapers and periodicals.
  • Practice restitution exercises from languages B and C into A, and from language A into language B as needed. The candidate will appropriate the speech and render it in the 1st person, taking care to identify the main thread.
  • Consult resources on the ORCIT website a project co-funded by the European Union and in which ISIT is a partner, which provides teachers and students of interpreting with interactive teaching tools.
  • Watch our videos in each language on the ISIT YouTube account.
  • Consult the subjects of previous admissions sessions listed below.

International Strategies and Diplomacy

The International Strategy and Diplomacy program prepares professionals to meet the challenges of the international and diplomatic scene. This master’s program enables students to develop strategic skills, understand geopolitical issues and master diplomatic communication techniques.