Work-study courses

ISIT’s programs include a strong emphasis on professional development, seeking to produce graduates who are ready for the world of work. A central element of this approach is the work-study program, available to 2nd-year Master’s students and 3rd-year ISIT-EFREI students. The work-study program allows students to put their academic knowledge into practice and develop real practical skills by immersing themselves in a real-world work environment before they even graduate.

Preparing our students for the world of work

Work-study courses in the Grande Ecole Program

Students on the Intercultural Communication & Translation, Intercultural Management, International Strategies & Diplomacy and Intercultural Digital Strategy (double degree with EFREI) programs can opt for a work-study program in their 5th and final year of study.

The Talent and Careers Department and ISIT’s Apprenticeship Centre help students in their search for an apprenticeship contract.

The apprenticeship contract runs from the start of October to the start of October. From October to June, students spend alternate weeks at ISIT and in their host company. From June onwards, they spend all their time in their host company. Over the course of the year, the apprentice will spend two thirds of their time in their host company and one third of their time at ISIT.

Work-study programs on the Bachelor’s in Digital and International Communication

All students spend their final year of their Bachelor’s course on a work-study program. They can rely on the help of the Afia/EFREI Apprenticeship Centre to help them find a contract within EFREI’s partner network.

The apprenticeship contract runs from September to September, with students alternating periods of two weeks in their host company with one week of classes at ISIT/EFREI.

Work-study course, a win-win system

Advantages for students

  • Individual support from an apprenticeship supervisor in the host company and a mentor at the school.
  • Tuition fees paid by the company on the student’s behalf.
  • Paid work as a fully-fledged employee.
  • Valuable work experience that will help you find your first job.

Advantages for companies

  • A new perspective and unique multilingual and intercultural skills.
  • Making a financial contribution to higher education, through the apprenticeship tax or donations to cover the apprentice’s tuition fees.
  • Helping to ensure that ISIT offers training that meets the changing needs of the world of work.
-month apprenticeship
of the French national minimum wage (SMIC): minimum salary
d’embauche suite au stage de fin d’études ou à l’apprentissage