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01 September 2021

Back to school with a smile and information about sanitary protocol !

Despite the conditions we have experienced, the 2020-2021 academic year has gone as smoothly as possible thanks to you. We would like this new year to go as well for you, ISIT students and teams!

This is why we are pleased to announce that the Back-to-school Day will be entirely held at our Intercultural Campus* in Arcueil.

*Subject to new governmental instructions 


A return to a “normal” academic year

All the ISIT teams are working hard to ensure that you can return to school in the best possible conditions, and always in compliance with health measures. 

In accordance with recent governmental directives, the health pass will not be compulsory for access to the campus and courses. Nevertheless, the following sanitary measures will have to be strictly respected for your own good

As your safety is a priority, ISIT will pay particular attention to the respect of these rules.

Preventive measures - Funexpo

Student life and vaccination

Some student activities may require the presentation of a health pass: events on campus with an external audience, associative/sports/cultural events outside, among others. This requirement will be specified for each event.

Zoom on the Integration Weekend: it will take place this year, to the great joy of all! – COWEI-21

Some practical information: 

  • Weekend from 1 to 3 October 2021
  • Ticketing open with pre-sales for new entering students until September, 13th
  • Mandatory health pass (complete vaccination + 7 days old OR antigen/pcr test less than 48 hours old OR positive test more than 11 days old and less than 6 months old)

We strongly recommend you to get vaccinated by making an appointment on Doctolib

If you come from a red-zone country, we invite you to follow the instructions of the French government.

Back-to-school Day programs

We are delighted to welcome you back to our Intercultural Campus in Arcueil, and to rediscover the joy of being together for the new academic year!

Take a look to the 2021-2022 academic calendar