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05 October 2021

CLASSE : Combining Liberal Arts and Science in Space Exploration

Eight ISIT Students are taking part in an exciting new project for their mandatory research project (PRA): preparing an event that will take place at the French Pavillion of the 2020 World Expo in Dubai. 


CLASSE: Combining Liberal Arts & Science in Space Exploration

Under the auspices of the French Institute in the United Arab Emirates, a combined student group bringing together students from ISIT (International management and language university in France) and the United Arab Emirates University will be exhibiting at Expo 2020 Dubai on October 22 2021.

ISIT team

Maylis, Céline and Sélène (Communications Team), Wassan and Nada (Content Creation Team), Cassandre, Elsa and Cheikh (Event Management Team) take you to Dubaï… and to Mars!
During their event called CLASSE (Combining Liberal Arts and Science in Space Exploration), the students will raise interesting questions such as :

  • Is it possible to live on Mars?
  • How can we ethically explore Mars?
  • How can countries cooperate in order to achieve this goal?


You will be able to stroll through the French Pavilion and discover a lot of scientific facts about Mars, and participate in workshops to reflect on space exploration. They will be interesting for kids and adults alike. 


The project covers 3 main aspects in the form of in interactive experience

  • Space exploration in general.
  • Mars exploration: Inter-cultural obstacles, ‘colonisation’, universalism, The concept of ‘Earthlings’,
  • Screening of the documentary film “Téléscope intérieur” which has been translated by the students.

The presentation at the Expo will follow 6 different stages:

  • Introduction
  • Area A – Cabinet of Mars Curiosities
  • Area B – “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”
  • Area C – My Mars Journal
  • Epilogue
  • Documentary screening/Q&A

Following the event

If you cannot join them in Dubaï, follow them on their social media to access exclusive details about the event, step-by-step content and scientific articles. 

Still not convinced? Meet the Communications Team, that will take you on this journey and show you all of the exciting process.


May : Community Manager

Maylis is in her last year of studying Intercultural Communication and Translation in French, English and German. She wants to learn more about space with this project. She is delighted to be part of an intercultural team working together for this big research project. Her skills in communication made her one of the two Community Managers of the event.

Céline : Community Manager

Céline is also studying Intercultural communication and Translation at ISIT. She has dreamed about space and planets since she was a little girl. This project is all about art, space, and intercultural, which she loves. She manages social media accounts with May. She is very excited to share with you all the details of the project on our Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.

Sélène : Head of Relations

Sélène is also studying Intercultural Communication and Translation at ISIT. She is very interested in space matters but without really knowing anything about it, she has already participated in a project about the study of man’s place in the conquest of Mars. She therefore wanted to continue this adventure and to participate in the organisation of this event as Head of Relations.

More about group work

As part of the Applied Research Projects program, fifth-year students in the “Intercultural Management” and “Intercultural Communication and Translation” specializations take part in group work projects for companies and international organizations. These projects include a graded thesis and defense.

Benefits for companies

  • Get a fresh or additional perspective on a tangible issue
  • Clear the way for an important project that has not been developed for lack of time and human resources
  • Take advantage of short-term recommendations
  • Use multilingual tools

These projects are supervised internally by research professors specialized in intercultural management and communication.


Thank you for reading the whole article and for your interest in the project ! The whole team of students is looking forward to showing you everything they prepared and to meet you, on site or through our social media !