Community manager

The Community Manager’s mission is to unite internet users around common interests (brand, products, values, etc.), to lead exchanges between internet users and to ensure that ethical rules are respected within the community. As a key player in the communication strategy, he/she contributes to developing the presence of a brand, a company or a celebrity on the Internet and oversees the related e-reputation.  To do this, the Community Manager uses social networks (TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter…), professional networks (LinkedIn, Xing, Quora…), blogs and forums. His/her actions are evaluated according to the number of reactions, comments, subscriptions, shares, etc. left on the platforms by Internet users.

What does the Community Manager do?

  • Tracks changes in the various social media and in the news in order to take advantage of new trends. This monitoring is accompanied by a continuous watch of what is said about the brand and its competitors
  • Checks internally which information to publish.
  • Facilitates communities on the various social networks of the company/organization, in order to create engagement and moderate comments to avoid bad buzz.
  • Creates editorial content (blogs, product sheets, infographics…) and animations with its community (e.g. Twitch live, contests, meetings, promotions…)
  • Creates video content (short format, editing, search for trendy music according to the platforms…)
  • Programs sponsorship and advertising campaigns (targeting, budget management…)
  • Builds an influencer marketing plan: product placement, co-branding, work with agencies, ambassadors…
  • Analyzes the results of the various actions undertaken and reports to management.


What is his/her main know-how?

  • Mastery of new media and their codes
  • Mastery of social network management tools
  • Knowledge of monitoring and e-reputation measurement tools
  • Mastery of the main creative tools
  • Writing skills and mastery of spelling and grammar.
  • Excellent general culture
  • Knowledge of one or more foreign languages

What are his/her main soft skills?

  • Organization
    To be effective, the CM must keep a precise editorial calendar in order to know when it is appropriate to post messages (news, internal events, etc.). He/she also establishes communication plans on social networks.
  • Discipline
    Essential quality to avoid any unwanted misconduct
  • Reactivity
    The CM must be vigilant and constantly monitor what is happening on the various accounts he/she manages. He/she must be ready to intervene in case of negative comments to preserve the image or the company brand.
  • Empathy
    The CM must be able to put himself/herself in the shoes of internet users in order to anticipate their needs and meet their expectations.
  • Intuition
    The CM must have a sharp mind to know how to react to comments and publications by the members of his/her communities in order to avoid crises.

Working environment

The Community Manager ideally works in a sector about which he/she feels passionate and where he/she knows the rules.

Career prospects

  • A fast-growing position, constantly evolving and with a fast-broadening scope
  • Remuneration between 25 and 30 K€ gross for a first job depending on the sector and the type of company.
  • Communication team in a company/organization, digital or general communication agency
  • Examples of career moves: Digital communication manager, Content manager, Web editor for an advertiser, Digital communication consultant in an agency


What training course to become a Community Manager?

EFREI proposes in partnership with our school: the international master in communication & technology. This course targets all future students who are strongly interested in communication and technology. This program provides you with a dual qualification.

We also offer students the opportunity to train in communication through our master in intercultural communication and translation.