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14 June 2015

Financing your education thanks to ISIT scholarships

ISIT is committed to helping students from all social backgrounds finance their education. The school personally offers scholarships every year.

How to apply for the ISIT scholarships for 2015-2016:
  • Once your enrolment is finalized, you will have access to the ISIT scholarship application process, which must be completed by the deadline (September 29th, 2015).
  • The scholarship application consists of a description of your family’s financial situation (income and expenses), cover letters from the student and of their parents and the income tax notice of the student’s financial guarantors.
  • The attribution of ISIT scholarships is essentially based on social criteria and additional information provided by the cover letters.

To finance your education at ISIT, a wide range of solutions exist: Crous scholarships, low-interest loans with rates negotiated by ISIT, etc.

Read more on our web page dedicated to this topic: How to finance your education at ISIT