Financing your education

Find out about the many financing opportunities available for your education at ISIT, whether through scholarships, student loans or other financial aid. Our goal is to make your education accessible.

Tuition fees

Joining ISIT is an investment in your professional future, leading to the award of an internationally recognized Master’s degree. As a private education institution with public-service missions, ISIT is committed to preserving the social and geographical diversity of its student body.

Tuition fees: our main source of income

ISIT is a non-profit association, and tuition fees are the school’s main source of income. Fees are set each year at ISIT’s Annual General Meeting, and depend on the number of languages in a student’s combination.

Breakdown of income sources: Tuition fees: 78%; State subsidies: 7%; Apprenticeship tax: 7%; Professional training: 2%; Other: 6%.

  • A transparent pricing policy based on three principles: moderation, stability and clarity
  • The fees for each new cohort are announced in advance and remain unchanged for the duration of each student’s time at the school
  • Each student pays a set fee for their three years of undergraduate study, and a set fee for the two years of their Master’s course.
  • The aim is to enable all students to calculate, anticipate and manage their total financial outlay over the duration of their time at ISIT.


2024-2025 tuition fees for the Grande Ecole Program (for students with 3 languages including French*)

  • Years 1, 2 and 3: €9,800 per year.
  • 1st Year of master’s degree (M1) and 2nd Year of master’s degree (M2): €9,950 per year.
  • Lawyer-Linguist program: €6,500 per year.

*For candidates with 4 languages including French, add €1,200 € to the annual tuition fees.

*For candidates who wish to study a 4th language ab initio (Arabic, Chinese, French Sign Language, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, or Russian), add €1,200 to the annual tuition fees.

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Practical information

  • The tuition fees for the Grande Ecole Program may be paid in 1 to 7 installments. 
  • Since the 2018-19 academic year, all students have been required to pay an annual contribution to student and campus life (€95 for 2024-25). This contribution must be paid directly to the CROUSThe CROUS will then issue proof of payment, which the student must forward to ISIT to complete their enrollment.
  • VisaleVisale is the new online service providing guarantor services for renters and landlords. Action Logement offers other assistance to help you find accommodation (advance payment of your security deposit, subsidized rent for students on a work-study program).

ISIT is here to help

To make our Grande Ecole accessible to all, in keeping with our public-service mission, we offer several forms of support to our students.

Tuition fees insurance

To help students protect themselves against unforeseen circumstances, ISIT offers tuition fees insurance at advantageous rates. This insurance enables students to cover their tuition fees in the event of:

  • Death
  • Economic issues, job loss or loss of revenue of their financial guarantor following a redundancy, illness or accident
  • An interruption of the student’s academic activities or repetition of an academic year due to student illness or accident

The basic cost of this insurance for 2021/2022 was €138. This sum is transferred in its entirety to the insurer and issuer of the contract, Gras Savoye.

For details of the cover provided, click here

Means-tested grants

As ISIT is formally recognized as a Grande Ecole, its European students are entitled to apply for a State-funded higher education grant.

The window for applications runs from 15 January to 31 May of each year on the CROUS website.

For Conference Interpreting students, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Interpretation (SCIC) awards grants to interpreting students with language combinations it is interested in.

ISIT grants

As part of its social policy, ISIT allocates grants from its own funds to a selection of the most deserving students. Although insufficient to cover the combined cost of tuition fees and student life, these grants can go some way to relieving the burden of these expenses. 

These internal grants are awarded based on financial need and/or merit. In 2022-2023, a total of €250,000 of grants were issued to around 130 students, each receiving a deduction of between €800 and €3200 on their tuition fees.

  • Grant applications are to be submitted during the admissions process.
  • The allocation of an ISIT grant will only be confirmed once a student has duly completed all the enrollment formalities.

Emergency assistance

The Fonds national d’Aide d’Urgence (FNAU) offers students rapid and personalized financial aid. Students must apply to the CROUS of the Académie de Paris.

Support from local and regional authorities

Regional, departmental and municipal authorities often provide financial support to students from their areas. The form of this aid (grants, loans, emergency assistance, etc.) and the procedure for obtaining it vary considerably.

We recommend you contact the relevant authorities directly to find out about their procedures and deadlines.

Bank loans

Students may opt to take out a bank loan to finance their studies, with repayments starting only once they enter the world of work.

ISIT has negotiated preferential rates with banks to enable students to finance 100% of the cost of their studies. The three partner banks listed below offer ISIT students loans with an interest rate of 0.90%.

ISIT’s partner banks

This bank works closely with our Junior Enterprise, JUNIOR ISIT.