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17 July 2019

ISIT is committed to climate!

ISIT is committed to a new cross-cutting theme for the 2019/2020 academic year: climatic challenges


After disability, ISIT decided to carry out new projects about climate change. All the staff and students are really committed to this issue and are really glad to be part of this work.  To initiate it, the ISIT staff has been invited to participate in the Fresque du climat workshop.

What is Fresque du climat ?

« La Fresque du Climat » is a creative, playful and participative workshop about climate change. During three hours, participants are intiated to functionning of climate and the consequences of climate change.

It was created by Cedric Ringenbach in 2015 with the association La Fresque du climat. For now, it has been translated in 7 languages and can be taught all around the world. The main objective is raising awareness among the highest number of people.

Raising awareness and committing

On Friday, July 12, permanent staff learnt more about climate change complexity thanks to  Marta Riegovila, a committed entrepreneur for environment, who animated the workshop during all day. This is a first step that will be followed by raising awareness among all the ISIT community from start of the academic year!


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