ISIT in figures

This page present the key figures for our intercultural and international Grande École.

Etudiantes association Divers'ISIT

Courses, research, talents and careers, student life


  • Around 700 students currently studying at the school, including nearly 200 international students
  • A Grande Ecole Program and a Joint Bachelor’s Degree with Efrei
  • 9 working languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish + any other language for Conference Interpreting students
  • 6 Master’s specializations: Intercultural Management, Intercultural Communication and Translation, International Strategies and Diplomacy, International Communication and Technology, Conference Interpreting, Lawyer-Linguist
  • Nearly 200 teaching staff, 65% of them from outside France
  • More than 200 partner universities across the world


  • 37 research-lecturers
  • An annual intercultural research seminar
  • A research laboratory focusing on languages and intercultural issues
  • A 2-year research thesis for all Master’s students
  • 1 international symposium every 2 years

Talents and careers

  • A minimum of 13 months of work placements
  • 12-month work-study program
  • 2 careers and apprenticeships forums per year
  • An Entrepreneurship program for Master’s students
  • Consulting assignments for real clients
  • 93% of our graduates find work in France or abroad within 3 months
  • 76% of our graduates work in a job with an international dimension

Student life

  • 12 student societies
  • 2 ECTS credits per year awarded for extracurricular activities in years 1-3
  • 1 ambassador network
  • 7,000+ graduates working all over the world
  • 1 health and well-being club