Users of the ISIT library are offered resources that are closely linked to the subjects taught and researched at ISIT. The library contains multilingual collections in various disciplines to answer the practical needs of students, teachers and professionals studying comparative cultures.

Main subjects

  • Management and intercultural communication
  • Traductology, terminology, linguistics, interpretation
  • Language enhancement (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese)
  • Political sciences
  • French, foreign and comparative law
  • Digital humanities
  • General subjects (computer science, business administration, economics, history, social sciences, etc.)

Multilingual documentary resources

  • 5000 publications available
  • 50 general and specialist periodicals
  • Dissertations from previous years

Digital resources

The library internet site provides centralized access to the library’s resources, services and digital resources: practical information, documentary catalogue, press and e-book data bases, press reviews and a selection of on-line resources.

Working spaces available to students

With space for 100 visitors, the library is divided into several different areas : reading room, press consultation room, computer room and semi-enclosed working areas. 8 computers and 1 printer are available for use by ISIT students and teachers.

Documentary network

The ISIT library is a member of the Sudoc and Worldcat networks and is a partner of the libraries at the University of Paris-Panthéon-Assas.

Visit the library website (in french)