ISIT, a world leader in intercultural studies

Passionnées et passionnés de langues et de cultures ? L’ISIT est votre future école ! Grande école de management et de communication, l’ISIT (l’Institut de Management et de Communication Interculturels) est en effet la référence de l’interculturel et du multilinguisme. Nous formons, depuis 1957, des professionnels de l’interculturel dans tous les métiers au cœur du développement des entreprises et des organisations internationales. Le socle de nos formations ? Nos expertises au service de nos étudiantes et étudiants , notre ADN international et bien entendu nos valeurs !

Our ambitions: sharing know-how and life skills

Our ambitions at ISIT?

To develop, share and transmit the knowledge, attitudes and mindset necessary for intercultural expertise throughout your life.

Our courses focus on the expert use of languages, cultures and the intercultural dimensions of the world. We put this expertise at the service of societies, the economy, science, politics and international relations.

Managers, communicators, lawyers, translators or interpreters, all our graduates: they are the indispensable interface in a rich, complex, digitalized and constantly changing world.

An international DNA since our creation in 1957

A bit of history!

ISIT was founded in 1957 as part of the Institut Catholique de Paris, within the framework of European construction and the Treaty of Rome. The objective of our Grande Ecole is to train people who create links to meet the needs of international companies and organisations. Our name, the Institute of Intercultural Management and Communication, reflects our raison d’être.

At ISIT, we have been firmly rooted in the international diplomatic world since our creation. Our Grande Ecole maintains close relations with international organisations:

  • UN
  • NATO
  • European Comission,
  • European Parliament,
  • Counsil of Europe,
  • European Court of Justice,
  • Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, 

  • international Chambers of commerce

Our international roots are reflected in the daily life of the school, our students, and our teachers.

L’international à l’ISIT en chiffres :

working languages
of professors are international
of students come from countries other than France

Our public service mission

As a Établissement d’Enseignement Supérieur Privé d’Intérêt Général (EESPIG), we participate in public service missions. Our commitment is reflected in :

  • a diversified and constantly reinforced social policy,
  • support for the success of our students, with the main objective of a chosen and progressive professional integration,
  • the development of scientific research in the service of society,
  • a contribution to the dissemination of humanist culture and to the construction of the European Higher Education and Research Area.

Download the strategic plan 2019/2023

Our core values

All our students, teachers and staff share a common set of values:

  • curiosity and ethics,
  • audacity and rigour,
  • passion and humanism.

These values are the very foundations of our school since 1957 and of all our courses.

With an international outlook, our school advocates social and cultural diversity. But not only that! We are committed to making our school accessible to all. We have installed lifts. The toilets are adapted for people with reduced mobility and/or in wheelchairs. Our classrooms are also equipped with interactive whiteboards and video-conferencing facilities.
Our website has also been designed in accordance with the RGAA (Référentiel général d’amélioration de l’accessibilité) standards. We want to make this site accessible to all of you, whatever your disability.

We are also committed to inclusion, in particular with a strong choice of an editorial charter based on pragmatism and accessibility. Do you share our values? Would you like to become our ambassador?

Join us !

Jobs and professional opportunities with ISIT

Tous nos débouchés
All of our graduates have various responsibilities and that, within very different professional areas.

Thanks to our multicultural and multilingual formations, our former students

Grâce à nos formations multiculturelles et multilingues, nos Alumni exercent des fonctions de managers au cœur des transformations et des métiers :

tu003cliu003eressources humaines,u003c/liu003e

tu003cliu003einterprétation de conférence,u003c/liu003e
tu003cliu003emétiers du juridique,u003c/liu003e
tu003cliu003erelations internationales,u003c/liu003e

u003ch3u003eTous nos métiersu003c/h3u003e
Diversité des métiers, mais aussi diversité des entreprises et des organisations :
tu003cliu003edes entreprises tournées vers l’international de toutes tailles : grandes entreprises, PME et Start Up,u003c/liu003e
tu003cliu003edes organisations internationales, comme la Commission européenne, la Cour de justice européenne, l’UNESCO, l’ONU,u003c/liu003e
tu003cliu003edes associations et ONG internationales.u003c/liu003e