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22 April 2021

A look back at the MUNISIT of Carrières Internationales

The MUNISIT by Carrières Internationales: it’s over!

On April 10, 2021, the MUNISIT organised by Carrières Internationales took place at ISIT. Here is a short review of the event.


What is MUNISIT?

The Carrières Internationales video explains in detail what it is.

MUN stands for Modelization of the United Nations.
Participants act as diplomats/delegates from different countries to make major decisions at the United Nations. They represent the political, economic, environmental and social interests of the country they represent.

The day is thus animated by debates between the different representatives of the countries defending their interests, in order to find agreements on the subjects put on the table.

As you will have understood, a MUN is made up of many countries that do not all speak the same language, so how do you do it?
This is where the interpreters come in, and in our case the ISIT translation students, whose role is to translate the debates live so that all participants can understand what is being said.

The ISIT interpreters

The ISIT interpreters

The process

In the morning, each committee received a speaker who presented the main issues of the topics. You can find a summary of the objectives of UN Women and UNDP directly on the international careers website, with articles by Aure Marthelot and Cassandra Holstsande, the two journalists from Worldwide present on the day.

Karin Teepe (UN Women speaker)Karin Teepe (UN Women speaker)

Following these conferences, the debates could begin, within the two committees:

  • The United Development Program which worked on the topic “Realizing the Sustainable development Goals for water and ocean governance”.
  • As well as UN Women, which discussed the issue of “Protecting women in migration from human trafficking sexual slavery, and sexual exploitation”.


The UN Women Committee was provided with interpretation, which allowed for dialogue in French and English. The delegates greatly appreciated the experience: MUNISIT is one of the few MUNs in France to offer this service.

The UN Women committee

20 participants per committee were present, each representing a country.

The event gathered 40 delegates (from Grandes Ecoles and universities such as ILERI, ESCP, La Sorbonne, INALCO, Nanterre, Institut Catholique de Paris…), 3 chairs, 2 journalists, 5 interpreters and several representatives of the associative offices members of the Paris Interuniversity Committee.


As a result of these debates, the UN Women committee drafted six resolutions, but unfortunately none of them were approved. The UNDP committee, on the other hand, reached an agreement by consensus. So they were very diplomatic!

Among other things, they : 

  • Agreed to the establishment of documentation for imported seafood products containing some specific listed products,
  • Invited global discussions on the establishment of quotas on the high seas, or
  • Requested the International Court of Justice to examine any violations of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea as soon as possible. 

The UNDP Committee

Read the full document here

Find here the photos of the event by Studio ISIT