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15 January 2020

Open house special Parcoursup – 22th January

To guide our futur students and their parents, we organise specific Open house afternoons.

The ISIT team is very happy to welcome you on its campus in Arcueil for an Open House afternoon, special Parcoursup Wednesday 22, January 2020.

An afternoon devoted to our formations and post-bac admissions, the day of the first stage’s opening : the wishes formulation!

During this afternoon, discover :

  • Intercultural management; 
  • Translation and intercultural communication;
  • Intercultural digital communication;
  • International relationships and multilingual communication;
  • Lawyer-Linguist (in partnership with a law university).
  • How to be a good candidate: what we expect, terms about Parcoursup and the conditions of admission. 
  • How to fund your formation and find a place to live: different scholarship programs, partner banks and partner residences near the campus.
  • How to live at ISIT: your student life and different associations.

Our team and our students will be here to help you!



Registration is closed. 

  • For the entrance in 1st year at ISIT (Grande Ecole program and new Bachelor in partnership with EFREI Paris): students can apply only on, in the category Business schools /Management-Communication area. Please refer to the specific calendar of Parcoursup.
  • For students outside of the French school system who want to enter in 1st year: you need to apply on Parcoursup too.

For all questions about the courses, please contact Christel Reille: +33 1 80 91 55 74/ +33 6 49 53 38 97

IMPORTANT: registration is mandatory, in application of the Vigipirate plan.

NB: If you come in public transports, a ticket with special fare for the RER station “Laplace” will be needed to join us.

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