Our international network

As a Grande Ecole founded in 1957 to meet the needs of the French diplomatic service for translators and interpreters at a time of increasing international exchanges, by definition ISIT remains internationally oriented. Our intercultural Grande Ecole cooperates with more than 200 universities around the world through networks, consortia, mobility, research projects, international conferences, international publications and double degrees.

Our international approach is a founding value at ISIT

ISIT trains multilingual professionals in intercultural management and communication, who will work for international organizations and corporations. ISIT’s affiliation with international networks develops its international reputation, supporting students’ success in their studies.

International recognition of ISIT

ISIT’s foundation in 1957 to meet the needs of the French diplomatic service for translators and interpreters at a time of European integration and the development of international exchanges, has given the school an international outlook. High-level linguistic expertise and intercultural skills are the pillars of the courses offered.


ISIT cooperates with more than 200 universities worldwide through networks, consortia, mobility, research projects, international conferences, international publications, double degrees, expert missions, etc.


ISIT also collaborates as an expert with national and international organizations to promote training, research and innovation in multilingualism and interculturality.


Since 2016, ISIT has joined 3 major international networks:


Our international university network

CIUTI universities
Universities with Erasmus + conventions
universities with bilateral agreements

Global networks

  • AIIC

    The International Association of Conference Interpreters  includes over 3,000 professionals worldwide. Most of the interpreters teaching at ISIT, and jury members, are also AIIC members. The vast majority of ISIT graduate conference interpreters also join the association.




Networks in Europe

  • EFMD

    European foundation for Management Development : is a non-profit association and accreditation body bringing together the best management schools in Europe and the world. In 2013, ISIT signed a cooperation agreement (MoU) with the European Parliament, which has since been renewed. In addition, the European Parliament provides financial support for ISIT’s conference interpretation training with the aim of producing qualified conference interpreters who can be recruited by the European institutions. The European Commission provides scholarships to interpretation students. Many ISIT students and graduates are recruited by European institutions.


  • The METS network

    The consortium for the European Mobility Program in Specialized Translation (METS)  is composed of 10 European universities and schools, including ISIT. This exchange program offers student translators a year of specialization and intercultural professionalization. Each year, about 50 selected students (5 per institution) are trained and receive a Master’s level diploma issued by the consortium’s institutions.


  • The EMT network


    The European Master’s in Translation (EMT) is a network of institutions where Master’s in Translation programs have been awarded the EMT label after an accreditation process based on satisfying a set of competency requirements. ISIT has been a member of the EMT network since its creation. Our Intercultural Communication and Translation (CIT) program has been re-accredited for the 2019-2024 period.


  • The EMCI network


    In 2014, ISIT joined this network of European Masters in Conference Interpreting supported by the European Commission and the European Parliament. Our conference interpreting program was accredited again in 2018. As of 2022, ISIT has held the presidency of this prestigious network.