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15 June 2020

Research: 2020 scientific posters

Valuing research in Master’s 2019-2020

We are pleased to announce the best posters our jury selected, as part of the students’ Master’s thesis. Each year, we honour research at ISIT by selecting our students’ work.

Within the framework of the research workshops, Master 2 students have the opportunity to present the preliminary results of their research thesis in a poster-creating workshop. Through this approach, ISIT wishes to enhance the value of the students’ research, to promote analytical thinking requiring students to gain perspective, and to inspire students enrolled in Bachelor degrees or first year of Master’s degree.

The winning posters for 2019-2020 link current topics to ISIT’s values, more specifically to our interculturality. This year, the three winning posters are :

  • the societal crisis in Hong Kong and its impact on the economy

Poster recherche - Hong Kong


  • inclusion in sports


  • gender discrimination in the labour market in China.

Valuing our students’ work

Research is at the heart of our Master’s courses, as students are required to complete a two-year research thesis (MTA) which allows them to enter the scientific world and choose a topic to specialise in.

ISIT is structured around three research areas with 6 specialisations:

Language and intercultural communication:

Intercultural management and international relations:

Law and intercultural stakes


At the end of their fifth year, some of the selected students’ research thesis are published on the DUMAS website. The Academic Directors and the teams of professors and researchers in charge of the training courses choose which research to publish, guided by the feedback of the defense juries. The students then proceed to rework their dissertations according to specific publishing standards.

We hope that this year’s winning posters will inspire our future fifth-year students, help develop research at ISIT and make a contribution to the international scientific sphere.

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