SEO Consultant

The SEO Consultant is an expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization which involves designing a strategy based on relevant keywords. The SEO Consultant is in charge of optimizing the visibility and the notoriety of a website by positioning it in the best way on search engines. Objective: to rank the site among the best search results and increase the audience. He/She plays a crucial role in the marketing and commercial strategies of companies.

What does an SEO Consultant do?

  • Conducts an audit to determine the specificities of the site: field of activity, identification of targets, usability of the site according to criteria such as ergonomics, technical parameters (crawling, indexability, HTML tags), anomalies or weak points
  • Develops a bank of keywords related to the activity
  • Defines and implements a referencing strategy
  • Leads training sessions, especially for Web editors

What is his/her main know-how?

  • Interest in the Web and digital marketing
  • Mastery of the rules of referencing
  • Mastery of computer tools
  • Mastery of social networks
  • Strong writing skills in the choice of keywords
  • Linguistic skills to carry out his missions.

What are his/her main soft skills?

  • Versability
    To be efficient, the SEO Consultant must have a strong capacity to adapt to digital change
  • Discipline
    Essential quality to conduct an effective digital and competitive watch, to prioritize tasks and to organize steps in the process
  • Reactivity
    The SEO Consultant must show reactivity, adaptability and initiative
  • Empathy
    He/She has genuine listening skills and knows how to be diplomatic and educational when interacting with other teams
  • Intuition
    The SEO Consultant must have good interpersonal skills and a good sense of communication

Working environment

The SEO Consultant can work in natural search engine optimization, in keyword purchasing (SEM – Search Engine Marketing) and/or on social networks (SMO – Social Media Optimization).
Initially recruited by Web agencies and Web marketing agencies, SEO Consultants are increasingly joining large companies and large groups.

Career prospects

This profession offers good career prospects. Remuneration between 28 and 35 K€ gross at the beginning of the career. Within a company, the experienced SEO Consultant can aspire to the position of Webmarketer or Key Account Manager.


What training course to become an SEO consultant?

EFREI proposes in partnership with our school: the master in international communication & technology. This training is aimed at all future students who are strongly interested in communication and technology. This program provides you with a dual qualification.

We also offer students the opportunity to train in communication through our master in intercultural communication and translation.