Grande Ecole program Grande Ecole program

International Communication and Technology

In short Grande Ecole program
Academic field (or area) Digital communication and new technologies
Type of degree Master degree
Study level Bac+5
Entry level Post-bac à bac+4
Working languages 9 languages
Accessibility Accessible training

About the Master’s degree in International Communication and Technology

Our Master’s programs offer students the opportunity to put the multilingual and intercultural expertise they have acquired during the pre-Master’s program into practice in various professional environments.

ISIT produces graduates with a strong general knowledge and a solid understanding of intercultural issues who are able to show agility in an international environment and to grasp the complexity of globalized organizations and businesses.

The Master’s degree in International Communication and Technology, a double degree program by ISIT-Efrei Paris, provides students with a comprehensive grounding in digital communication, comprising technical know-how, managerial skills and linguistic and intercultural expertise

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Learning objectives

  • To train experts in digital transformation and communication who know how to use the most relevant tools and techniques
  • To favour an intercultural approach
  • To manage digital projects with an international dimension

Practical skills acquired

  • Developing an international digital strategy
  • Managing a social media community
  • Producing effective multimedia content
  • Adapting deliverables to different cultures
  • Managing SEO
  • Managing SEA campaigns
  • Running an intercultural project based on a set of specifications


Year 4


  • Digital cultureISIT
  • Cognitive user experienceISIT
  • Understanding user needs: experiential workshopsISIT
  • Digital for allISIT
  • Ethical designISIT
  • Internet and digital lawISIT
  • Digital content writingISIT
  • Video coaching: video editing for the webISIT
  • Project managementEFREI 
  • SpecificationsEFREI 
  • Community ManagementEFREI 
  • Digital Strategy MarketingEFREI 
  • Search Engine OptimizationEFREI 
  • International approach to digital transformationISIT
  • Thinking across cultural dividesISIT


  • Business communicationsISIT
  • Multilingual web publishingISIT
  • Focus on new technologies (Metavers / AI)EFREI
  • Professional speakingISIT
  • Website translationISIT
  • Creating & optimizing a website with WordPress (CMS+HTML)EFREI
  • Designing with new digital tools (DTP)EFREI
  • UX Design toolsEFREI


  • Research methodologyISIT
  • Information watch and artificial intelligence


  • Work-study program: 2 weeks internship / 1 week ISIT/EFRE

Year 5 (M2 Intercultural Digital Strategy)


  • User behavior: psycho-socio-cultural approach
  • Data architecture and graphic design
  • Sprint design
  • Data visualization and processing statistical data
  • Community management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital accessibility
  • Technical writing
  • No code Maker
  • No code Marker and culture / Web project
  • WordPress
  • Adobe photoshop niv 2 + first
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Digital Publishing – In Design – Typography level 2
  • Motion design
  • Comparative law FR/USA
  • Web and Cultures


  • International approach to digital transformation
  • Intercultural communication (ENG) level 2
  • Professional speaking
  • Website translation


  • Research methodology


  • 6-month work placement / internship 1 week in 2

Double degree

This Master offers a double degree from ISIT and Efrei, combining complementary fields of expertise.

  • Founded in 1957 as part of the development of the European Community, ISIT is the international Grande Ecole for anyone passionate about languages, cultures and all things intercultural. It trains professionals who are ready to fill key roles in the development of international organizations and businesses
  • Founded in 1936, Efrei is the leading school for digital technology and innovation. Thanks to its technological DNA, Efrei trains digital experts through government-accredited short degree programs, lasting 2 to 5 years and, covering fields including Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, and Da Management.
  • Since January 2022, ISIT and Efrei have been members of the experimental public institution Paris-Panthéon-Assas Université.



Work-study program over the 2 years (apprenticeship contract or professional contract)

Various organizations (CAC 40 companies, SMEs, start-ups, unicorns, NGOs, etc.) operating in a wide range of sectors (industry, services, etc.) call on ISIT and Efrei graduates because they know that these two schools offer innovative training in line with market demands

Typical job opportunities for International Communication and Technology graduates

  • International Communications Manager
  • International Content Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Digital Communications Manager
  • Digital Transformation Manager
  • SEO/SEA Manager
  • Traffic Manager

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Getting ready to apply



Our course is open to candidates with strong language competences in their mother tongue and two other working languages: French and English are compulsory, and the third working language can be chosen from German, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or Russian.

Optionally, a 4th working language can be added from the same list. 

Degree level

  • Admission to 4th year: validated L3 
  • Admission to 5th year: validated university Master 1 or equivalent (officially recognized 4-year French or foreign diploma at 240 ECTS level)

Admission tests

  • Here you will find past papers related to ISIT’s Master’s admission process, including tests and subjects for each master’s degree from previous years, so that candidates have a complete overview of the expectations and requirements of the selection process.

Admission tests

Testimonies from our alumni

• Communication and marketing • ISIT 1994 • France

Stéphane Trycionka

I had a general interest in foreign language & culture, in those who speak a language different from my own, who see the world and think differently.
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• Communication and marketing • ISIT 2012 • Canada


Cross-cultural knowledge is giving you endless opportunities, and knowing which fields you can use it for will help you make a difference.
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• Communication and marketing • ISIT 2013

Alexandre Vacante

ISIT helped me determine a guiding principle: to understand, emphasize and apply my skills.
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