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Anaïs Deleau

Human Resources
Course Master's degree
School year ISIT 2013
Specialization Intercultural Management
Country France

Read the testimonial of Anaïs Deleau, a 2013 graduate of the Master in Intercultural Management program, who chose ISIT for the quality of its teaching and the opportunities it offers.

Before ISIT?

I arrived at ISIT in 1st year after one year of German (LLCE*) Bachelor’s degree, which I didn’t think was practical enough for jobs other than teaching or translation. My only certainty about my professional project? I deeply wanted to work with my foreign languages and use them daily in a professional context. ISIT was perfect for that!


  • I chose ISIT for the quality of the curriculum and the availability of studying in my three working languages: English, German, and Italian, which isn’t possible in many other French-language schools.
  • I wanted to gain new expertise in those foreign languages while still working at improving my French, which is absolutely essential, no matter the profession or country you’ll choose after graduating.
  • Finally, I wanted to find a job after my studies rapidly. The ISIT curriculum is wide enough to open many doors for us, helping us find our professional calling and avoid, as much as possible, beng restricted to sectors where there are no openings.

The assets of this curriculum?

  • First and foremost, the linguistic expertise in both working languages and mother tongue. At ISIT, we can truly practice our written and spoken languages skills , with listening, comprehension, and professional writing. In addition to this, we learn about the culture of the countries in which these languages are spoken through specialized classes, as well as with an internship at the end of each year, essential to our understanding of the languages and people who speak them!
  • Those immersive internships, and going back and forth between languages, allow us to develop our mental flexibility and our adaptability to various personal and professional situations. We are all travelers, with a backpack always at the ready to embark on a new adventure any

After ISIT?

  • I signed a long-term contract with a Parisian scouting and recruitment agency named LeaderIA when I was still an intern at another agency. I am happy with this job because it is very varied: I am both a scout for French and international companies and a sales representative tasked with drawing in new clients, and have a marketing role to ensure the company’s communication.
  • I work with all four of my languages (spoken and written) …Not as much as I wished because the company I work in is shifting and has mostly French clients, but an international development is underway. This job allows me to travel throughout Europe, with one or two monthly trips to Germany, Switzerland or the Netherlands.

I really like this job because it is profoundly humane, psychological, and lively, which I discovered thanks to my fifth-year Applied Research Project (a project during which a group of students conducts a mission for a company).

Any advice for students and future graduates?

  • Be PASSIONATE! We each have a strong taste for practicing our foreign languages, and it is a true asset in the professional world. Especially in the French landscape where very few people speak English at such a detailed level. Not to mention speaking other languages…
  • Practice introspection ! I am deeply convinced that, to be happy professionally, one must know oneself well, know what we are attached to, and what we are ready to compromise on.
  • Be confident! We often feel that our curriculum is really broad, and we are not legitimate to work in fields other than translation. Wrong! We have a master’s degree, and a great education, equivalent to those of the major commercial universities, with the added expertise of several foreign languages. Which makes our profile attractive, , sought by many companies who appreciate a hybrid background.

And today ?

Anaïs Deleau is Executive Search at Leaderia. She has been with the company for several years, working her way up through the ranks.