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Claire Liron

School year ISIT 2012
What did you study prior to starting ISIT?

After focusing on science in high school, I decided to concentrate on languages, so I chose to complete a three-year degree in English, Spanish and Chinese in Rennes. During my third year, I studied abroad at a university in China. Fascinated by the Chinese language and culture, I stayed another year to master Mandarin. I returned to Paris to finish my college degree before enrolling on the ISIT Intercultural Communication and Translation (CIT) Master’s program in 2010.


I have always wanted to work with languages. Although my interest in translation goes back a long time, I wanted to develop stronger skills for professional use and apply my language skills in other fields. The CIT Master’s course at ISIT seemed like a good compromise because it combines high-level language skills with practical knowledge in digital and intercultural communication.

What are the advantages of an ISIT education?

ISIT taught me to be very demanding with my translations. I came to understand the richness of my native language and that you have to continue to work at it throughout your entire career. I am also very happy to have attended the course’s classes in web technology and project management. I was able to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in these classes in pratice during my fifth-year apprenticeship in a web communication and translation position.

And after ISIT?

I completed my fifth year apprenticeship at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). I helped create the “International Office,” which welcomes scientists from around the world. Everything had to be created and built, so I had to adapt to working in a project-based team environment. My main mission was to create a bilingual site, adapt the structure and write up the content in English. After 14 months as an apprentice, I was recruited for a one-year work contract.

What is your advice to future ISIT students?

Applying to and successfully enrolling on a program at ISIT definitely represents a large investment, but the combination of highly-focused language teaching and professional expertise in marketing and communication means graduates leave with an extra competitive edge.

I would encourage students to take every initiative and stay open-minded by completing as many internships and gap years as possible. I also highly recommend opting to do an apprenticeship, which polish  any resume.