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Rouquette Héloïse

Course Master's degree
School year ISIT 2011
Specialization Intercultural Management
Country France

Tell us about your job ?

I am an Event Project Manager in a communications agency specializing in the automotive industry. I put together events for journalists who want to test drive the cars made by the brands I represent. I handle every step of the event, from planning to implementation.

I started this job almost accidentally, after discovering the events planning industry and I found a passion for it over the course of my final internship. After graduation, I started working for an agency, and gradually specialized in the automotive industry.

What were the benefits of your education ?

I learned a lot on the job, but my knowledge of languages made the difference more than once.

Which classes taught me the most ?

  • Marketing classes allowed me to gain expertise, because creating events as sales support tools is impossible without an understanding of marketing strategies and market positioning.
  • Everything I was taught about interculturality helped me with my interpersonal skills : things that I find obvious are not always obvious to those around me. During an event, everything must be explained as clearly as possible.

Pros and cons of your job ?

  • Pros : the diligence required, the incredible experiences and the full involvement.
  • Cons : the all-nighters I have to pull, working on weekends,  and so many  business trips… You need to be ready to work long hours.

What type of profile is a good fit for this job ?

  • You must be meticulous, diligent, attentive, responsive, service-oriented and have a strong resistance to stress. I would recommend this activity to those with energy to spare !
  • Being an Event Project Manager is truly akin to being an orchestral conductor. You manage teams, and make sure each piece of the puzzle fits. This means that you need to know how to take charge.

3 pieces of advice for anyone interested in the events industry ?

  • You have to be able to take a step back.
  • You must stick to your beliefs : being a good project manager doesn’t always mean agreeing to everything. You have to do what is best for the client.
  • Nurturing  a strong relationship with the service providers is essential : you must get along with the events team (whether it be the caterer, the hotel staff, those in charge of preparations, the drivers, the hospitality staff, the lighting and sound directors, the construction workers…)

What does she do now ?

Héloïse Rouquette became program manager at Neoloji Technopole in 2021.