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Stéphane Trycionka

Communication and marketing
School year ISIT 1994
Country France

I chose ISIT because I had a general interest in foreign languages and culture, in those who speak a language different from my own, who see the world and think differently. After graduating in 1994, I realized that I was not cut out for translation, which tends to be too solitary for my taste, or interpreting, which I find too stressful. So I built up my career step by step, as opportunities came my way: in India working for the French Embassy under a civil service contract; in Australia as an independent translator; and in Egypt mentoring French teachers.

In September of 2001, I joined the communication department at Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, at the same time that the American fashion designer Tom Ford took over the company. What a career boost! Working in the luxury sector, I discovered a particularly demanding job in an equally demanding sector. Since then, I have never looked back, moving into the hospitality sector, with a focus on sales.

After four years at the Plaza Athénée hotel, I’m now North American Senior Sales Manager for the Bristol Hotel in Paris. My mission is to promote the hotel as a destination in itself to travel agencies and high-end clients, through lobbying and events. Basically, it is my role to ensure things get done in the marketing department.

What did I learn at ISIT?

An attention to detail and discipline; the ability to absorb meaning and communicate a feeling and an idea—luxury demands the same skills as translation. I would recommend that all students pay close attention to cultivating their informal network, to always be on the lookout for opportunities and to take the time to stay informed. Ultimately, I would encourage you to let your biggest fault be too much curiosity!