Translation Project Manager

The functions of a translation project manager may be completely different according to the translation agency employing them. Project Managers (known as PMs) are responsible for a project from start to finish. They are brought in to manage the project as soon as the sales manager has obtained an order from the customer.

What does a translation project manager do?

  • Reviews the customer’s request and establishes a time and cost estimate
  • Sets up the team that will work on the project
  • Supervises ongoing work on the project and manages each step in the process
  • Receives the completed work from the team and passes it on to the reviewer(s)
  • Ensures quality control on the project
  • Updates the agency and/or customer terminology data base
  • Evaluates the team working on the projec


What is his/her main know-how?

  • In-depth knowledge of the software used (CAT)
  • Perfect command of the languages involved
  • In-depth knowledge of the project management tools used

What are his/her main soft skills?

  • Organization and discipline
    In order to manage a project from start to finish, the project manager needs organizational skills and discipline, paying attention to details, respecting deadlines, guaranteeing quality, managing costs, etc.
  • Reactivity
    The project manager needs self-control in order to manage the unforeseen last-minute events that may occur at any time during a project. He/she must provide responses in good time both to the customer and to his/her team and ensure that they are coordinated.
  • Communication 
    Because the PM is a buffer, he/she needs to be able to dialog, negotiate and establish collaboration among the various people working on the same project. He/she needs to good personal relations as it is vital to establish a trusting relationship with the customer. Strong writing abilities are also essential as he/she is responsible for communicating about the project.

Career prospects

  • Gross annual salary between 25K€ and 30K€ for a first experience, according to business sector and type of company.
  • Working in a company (public or private), international institution or organization, translation agency or freelance.
  • Examples of career moves: language coordinator, multilingual project manager, translation team manager


What training course to become a translation project manager?

Our students are encouraged to train both in translation and in communication by signing up to our master in intercultural communication and translation. This program provides you with a dual qualification!