The UX Designer (User eXperience Designer) designs intuitive and ergonomic digital interfaces to optimize the user experience.

What does a UX Designer do?

  • Designs and improves the user experience
  • Audits existing applications and/or websites
  • Performs market watch to analyze trends
  • Meets users and conducts field studies (interviews, observation, brainstorming, idea sorting, user tests, etc.)
  • Collects and analyzes user needs
  • Proposes structural, graphic and editorial recommendations to facilitate the user experience (relevance of categorization, coherent tree structure, navigation markers, graphic environment, etc.).

What is his/her main know-how?

  • Mastery of various UX research tools and methods to identify user needs: quantitative methods (questionnaire) and qualitative methods (field survey, user test, focus group, etc.)
  • Mastery of standard protocols to conduct UX workshops in the field
  • Mastery of the fundamentals of interface ergonomics

What are his/her main soft skills?

  • Curiosity
    To be effective, the UX Designer must be on the lookout for societal transformation brought about by technological innovation, both in terms of practices and uses.
  • Creativity
    He/she must be creative in the development of experiential workshops
  • Empathy
    The UX Designer must possess genuine listening skills during exchanges with users in order to better discern the experiential feelings of users.
  • Discipline
    He/She must have abilities to analyze and summarize data in order to translate feedback from verbatim reports into user needs and to provide recommendations to the design teams
  • Relational skills
    In order to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams, the UX Designer is an excellent communicator with team spirit.

Working environment

The UX Designer can work in a UX agency, a startup or a large company, or he/she can work as a freelancer. He/She is required to travel to conduct field studies. He/she reports on his/her results to the design teams.

Career prospects

Remuneration between 30 000 € and 35 000 € at the beginning of the career

The UX Designer can specialize in other areas of expertise:

  • UX Researcher (in-depth research of users’ needs and motivations in the user context)
  • Data Architect (structural organization of data on an interface)
  • Digital project manager (coordination of a team composed of developers, graphic designers, webmasters, editors to complete a digital project).


What training to become a marketing and communications manager?

EFREI proposes in partnership with our school: the international master communication & technology. This course targets all future students who are strongly interested in communication and technology. This program provides you with a dual qualification.