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26 November 2021

Visiting professors progam

What are Visiting Professors @ISIT?

The « Visiting Professors @ISIT  program aims to open the faculty annually to two external academics who can join the school in specialized areas of research and expertise. These two academics will preferably originate from different continents, as part of the spirit of openness of the school.  Where possible they should belong to two different areas of academic discipline, in order to respect the multi-disciplinary approach of the establishment.

  • Length of attachment: from one week to 2 months
  • Profile: Lecturer-researcher from an international partner university, working in one of ISIT’s specialized disciplines
  • Teaching and scientific working conditions: on site or on line

Dimensions to be covered by the application and during the attachment

  • Research(workshop with the ISIT lecturer-researcher team on a research issue)
  • Teaching(lectures, seminars, classes, …)
  • Impact on societyor on students (tutoring an Applied Research Project).
  • Links, where possible, with the annual cross-functional theme. For information : the 2021-2022 theme was wellbeing, health and sport (UN SDG no. 3).


For attachments in person, transport and residence costs are covered by ISIT up to 3 000 € on presentation of invoices.

Online applications are also encouraged.

How to apply?


To apply to the ISIT research laboratory scientific committee, send the following in French or English

  • CV
  • Letter of motivation presenting research work and its relationship to ISIT’s research priorities

Closing dates for applications:

  • 15/12/2021 for Ist semester 2022
  • 15/06/2022 for 2nd semester 2022.

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