Why join us?

A reference in multilingualism since 1957, ISIT is run on a daily basis by a team sharing common values of openness and humanism, at the service of our students. Our commitment to public service and our shared values promote inclusion, diversity and accessibility.  Our teams of permanent staff and professors are all leading professionals from diverse backgrounds in terms of nationality, profession, gender and age.

Anciens étudiants Alumnisit association

Our public service mission

Responsibilities arising from EESPIG status

As a private higher education institution with public service missions (EESPIG)

we are committed to :

  • Pursuing and constantly reinforcing a multifaceted social policy,
  • Guiding our students towards success and employment in their chosen field, while taking account of the changing labor market and students’ own changing interests and objectives,
  • Developing research that services society’s needs,
  • Helping to spread a humanist culture and to build the European Higher Education and Research Area.

Our values

All ISIT students, teachers and administrative staff share a set of core values :

  • Curiosity and ethics,
  • Boldness and rigor,
  • Passion and humanism.

These values have been the cornerstones of our school and all its programs since 1957.

Diversity and inclusion

Our school is resolutely international in outlook, embracing social and cultural diversity. We are also committed to making our school accessible to all, thanks to :

  • elevators
  • toilets suitable for people with reduced mobility
  • gender-neutral toilets

Our classrooms are also equipped with interactive whiteboards and videoconferencing facilities. Our website, too, is compliant with the ‘Standard’ requirements of the French government’s digital accessibility framework (RGAA). We wanted to make this site available to everyone, regardless of your disability.

We also strive to promote inclusion, by making our content readable and accessible to all. Do you share our values? Do you want to become an ambassador for our school? Join us!

Our ambitions

What are ISIT’s ambitions ?

Cultivating, sharing and transmitting the necessary knowledge, attitudes and mindsets to help you to develop your intercultural expertise throughout your lifetime.

Our programs revolve around expertise in languages, cultures and all things intercultural. We We use this expertise to meet the needs of business, the economy, science, politics and international relations.

Be they managers, communications professionals, lawyers, translators or interpreters, all our graduates are conveyors of meaning, acting as essential mediators in a complex, digital and ever-changing world.

Work for ISIT

ISIT has been training multilingual and intercultural talents for a globalized world since 1957. The entire ISIT community – students, teachers and administrative staff – are united by the shared values of curiosity and ethics, boldness and rigor, passion and humanism.

Apply for a job at ISIT

ISIT regularly recruits lecturers, researchers, teachers and administrative staff to join its team.

Spontaneous applications

Send your application to our HR Manager, Angélique Poy, at : a.poy@isit-paris.fr


Job vacancies at ISIT :