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Sophie Dibdin

Communication et marketing
Promotion ISIT 2015

What was your educational experience before ISIT?

I studied arts and languages up until my A-levels in England, before quitting school to come to Paris and become a dancer in a famous cabaret on the Champs Elysées. At 20 years old I continued to work as a dancer but signed up for an undergraduate degree in history and literature at French university La Sorbonne Nouvelle. I spent a year studying and working as a performer in Rome on an ERASMUS exchange, then enrolled in a 2 year Master’s degree in Intercultural management at ISIT.

How did you hear about ISIT?

I had heard about ISIT a few years before I started studying there because at the time I was interested in Interpretation as a career, and was told about the school’s rigor and high standards.

Why did you choose to study in France and more specifically at ISIT?

I chose to study in France as I already had a full-time job in Paris that I didn’t want to leave! The combination of languages, business and marketing at ISIT was one I hadn’t seen at any other school at a post-graduate level, and the Intercultural Management course seemed perfect for me.

What career do you want to pursue?

Ideally, I would like to go into luxury events management in an international company, in a position that will give me the possibility to interact in French, English and Italian and use the communication and organizational skills I have acquired at ISIT over the past two years.