Career choices

ISIT welcomes students from all over the world and equips them with first-rate multilingual expertise.

Our graduates are immediately ready to work in complex multicultural environments.

Our priority is to make sure they can find work in their chosen field anywhere in the world.

Training intercultural talents for international careers

ISIT’s career development program ensures our students are well prepared for international careers. Many of our teaching staff are working professionals, and our courses place great emphasis on practical application. Our mandatory internships enable students to acquire invaluable professional experience, which helps them to integrate quickly into the international labor market.

Career development in our Bachelor’s program

Mandatory work placements in the first two years.

  • Year 1 :  2-month internship in January/February.
  • Year 2 : 2-month internship in June/July.

The third year takes the form of a work-study program, with students spending 2 weeks in their host company, then one studying week at ISIT/Efrei.

Career development in our Grande Ecole program

Mandatory internships in years 1-5, getting longer each year.

  • Year 1 : 1-month internship abroad.
  • Year 2 : 6-week internship abroad.
  • Year 3 : 2-month internship, preferably abroad.
  • Year 4 : 3-month internship, preferably abroad.
  • Year 5 : 6-month internship (preferably abroad) or work-study program (alternating one-week periods of classes/work in a host company).

Successful integration in the world of work

Throughout their time at ISIT, our students follow a career development program run by the Talents and Careers Department.

The career development program offers our students careers support and personal development opportunities at each stage of their studies Exposure to the world of work to develop their self-sufficiency, sense of responsibility, innovation and entrepreneurship.:

Exposure to the world of work to develop their self-sufficiency, sense of responsibility, innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • A minimum of 13 months of mandatory internships (see Internships section) for the Grande Ecole section, and 4 months for the Bachelor’s program with EFREI Paris.
  • Possibility of completing the 5th year of the Grande Ecole course as a work-study program.
  • 3rd year of the Bachelor’s program with EFREI Paris: work-study program.
  • Consulting assignments for real-world clients
  • Business games, role plays and case studies.

Forums, workshops and talks to help students’ build and fine-tune their career plans.

  • Undergraduate level (Grande-Ecole Program and Bachelor’s) :
    • careers talks, round tables, personal and professional development workshops.
  • Master’s level (Grande Ecole Program) :
    • workshops on soft skills, work-study programs and returning from a gap year; workshops on building résumés, application letters and LinkedIn profiles; an annual careers forum; job interview preparation pitches, portfolio of achievements.
    • An Entrepreneurship module from the 4th year of the Grande Ecole program to cultivate students’ entrepreneurial spirit and prepare them to create their own business.
    • Consulting assignments performed by ISIT students to meet the needs of real clients.

Our Grande Ecole offers an active alumni network and professional opportunities