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ISIT’s research activity is driven by its “research laboratory” dedicated to the analysis and understanding of intercultural processes and practices. It brings together multidisciplinary researchers from the academic and professional spheres.

Governance of the research laboratory

The research laboratory is coordinated by a scientific committee that defines and implements ISIT scientific policy. There are 8 members : 

  • Three permanent members: the management – the Executive Director, the Deputy Director – and the Head of the Hofstede library
  • Three members elected for three years, representing ISIT’s academic departments.
  • Two guest members: the doctoral studies director and the research seminar director.

The scientific committee coordinates the laboratory teams responsible for implementing research activities. 


The research laboratory is structured around :

  • full ex officio members :
    all ISIT permanent lecturer-researchers and lecturer-experts, and associate professors. ISIT lecturer-researchers combine expertise in various multilingual and intercultural fields. Their research work helps to foster ISIT initial and continuing training programs by providing cutting-edge scientific input.
  • associate members :
    • Senior associate members: colleagues from outside ISIT admitted to the laboratory by decision of the scientific committee after submission of an application and recommendation by a committee member.
    • Junior associate members: visiting doctoral students working in the laboratory or students who have published their research papers, as part of the policy of promoting research.

The laboratory currently has 31 full members and 19 associate members, plus each year at least 2 lecturer-researchers with a dual teaching and research remit.


ISIT’s lecturer-researchers share expertise in various fields of interculturality and multlinguistics. Their research feeds into undergraduate and executive  training programs at ISIT by providing leading-edge scientific content.

Profiles of our lecturer-researchers


ISIT has signed partnership agreements and conventions with graduate schools and research centers in France and abroad. These partnerships enable joint thesis supervision and make it easier to carry out international research projects. They also mean ISIT graduates can complete their theses in associate doctoral schools.

ISIT also participates in collaborative research activities and commissions within the French and global professional networks to which the school belongs: CGE, FESIC, AFFUMT, CIUTI, METS, EMT, EMCI, FIT.

Network in France

Réseau à l’international

More about the ISIT visiting professors’ program