Research and our scientific activities

In order to raise its profile in the professional and scientific community, ISIT’s research activities focus on three major areas that contribute to its growing reputation and influence. These axes, carefully implemented, include an annual seminar, strategic partnerships and pre-doctoral training, which nurture and reinforce the institute’s commitment to academic excellence and practical relevance.

Annual seminar on cultural awareness

Entitled “The Analysis of Intercultural Practices and Processes”, the research seminar aims to further research by taking an original and multidisciplinary approach to the idea of between two language/cultures.

The considerations presented during this seminar return to this idea of the inter-cultural, through a dialogue between scientific research fields and disciplines: translation as a translating process or as a gateway between two language/cultures; traductology, terminology, linguistics, discourse analysis, interpreting; philosophy; intercultural management and communication, marketing, human resources; comparative law; new technology, web design, communication, etc.

The aim of this seminar is to find some meaning and learn lessons from participants’ intercultural practices which foster a dialogue between cultures or which interface between them, hinged on praxeological and theoretical reflection.

  • What happens to practitioners in this between-two- languages-cultures space ?
  • What work is produced, what is created ?
  • How do they work on resistance, constraints ? What losses are acceptable ?
  • Through which processes does the relationship with the other and how does awareness of difference come into play ?
  • What major concepts emerge from these processes of sharing and creating meaning across frames of reference ?
  • How can we appraoch practices or words which do not have an equivalent in the interactions ?

Guest speakers are both practitioners and researchers in this “inter” culture/language field and they present their reflections and research on what their practice involves: translators, interpreters, legal/linguist practitioners, philosophers, diplomats, teachers and instructors, managers, etc.

These practitioners are committed players who must decide and act, make things clear in order to act: by using as a basis the resistance, the gateways, the creations experienced and found at the moment of intercultural practice, backed also by theoretical reflection, new avenues of research on the diversity of the intercultural field can emerge.

Seminaire interculturel 2022-2023


Research partnerships

ISIT has signed many partnership agreements in France and abroad with graduate schools and establishments. Cooperation is in the form of :

Doctoral Training

Our research laboratory regularly hosts international doctoral students for scientific visits, ISIT graduates interested in research, or outside speakers lecturing at ISIT and who want to enhance their research expertise.

A preferential agreement was signed in 2019 with INALCO (French National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations) for the joint supervision of theses and the professional development of doctoral students.

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