Our research themes

Intercultural research

Research work in ISIT’s laboratory is focused on 4 areas with the aim of carrying out:

  • interdisciplinary work on languages and cultures,
  • work on intercultural mediation in the fields of translation, interpreting and management,
  • work on the economic, political and social implications of multilingual communication and intercultural management.

ISIT’s four research topics

Multilingual and multimedia intercultural communication

This topic inspires research in the field of conference interpreting and discourse analysis, as well as enhancing ISIT’s expertise in translation studies. Work carried out in this sector contributes to development and innovation in the field of multilingual and multimedia intercultural communication, links between knowledge and new technology, machine translation, post-editing, the Semantic Web, CAT and terminology.

Intercultural management and communication

This theme is aimed at fostering research on intercultural matters in economic and political management systems within companies and international organizations around related issues: corporate social responsibility, management and organization of relations within multicultural and multilingual organizations and teams. Research is carried out combining various intercultural aspects: intercultural professions, generations, countries and cultures.

Analysis of multilingual and multicultural data, interfaces and environments

The Web is an arena for multilingual data and interaction. The creation and use of interfaces are influenced by culture, and understanding interactions on the Web requires an in-depth understanding of linguistic and cultural influences. Big Data, social media, applications and databases are scrutinized through discourse, terminological and semantic analysis and analysis of the visual organization of information, with the aim of providing solutions for political, institutional and economic players and for research.

Legal intercultural analysis

The aim of this topic is to promote research on the impact of various legal cultures in France, on the impact of French and, more generally, European legal culture worldwide, on the impact of European law on the French legal system and finally, on the interaction between the major contemporary legal systems.