Coming to ISIT from abroad

ISIT is attended by large numbers of international students and professionals, for long-term training, academic exchanges or for summer schools providing training in intercultural matters.

Come on an academic exchange

ISIT also places its vocation to develop talent worldwide at the service of students from our partner universities, in Europe and beyond.

Useful information

International exchanges 2022/2023

Deadline for the submission of applications 2022/2023:

  • June 15 2022 (full year and 1st semester)
  • November 15 2022 (2nd semester)

Students are strongly advised to book/pay for their plane or train tickets and only confirm their accommodation after making their decision and being given permission to travel by their university and their country of origin.


Students from nearly 100 partner institutions worldwide can spend one or two semesters studying at ISIT as part of exchange programs :

  • Erasmus+ “Studies” (KA131)
  • Bilateral

ISIT has been awarded the Bienvenue en France label, a seal of confidence attesting to the quality of its hospitality and of the arrangements made for international students.

This label is awarded to French higher education establishments that have developed reception facilities for international students. A mark of confidence, the label attests to the quality of the welcome provided and represents a promotional tool for the establishment.

Des élèves de l'ISIT lors de l'ERASMUS days

3 key details on the exchanges :

  • Duration : one semester or one year at ISIT, depending on their home university’s criteria.
  • Cost : exchange students pay no tuition fees to ISIT but pay their fees to their home university.
  • Validation : exchange students obtain transferable credits in their home universities. The validation method for the various courses is explained on registration for the course at ISIT.

Registration process

Complete the registration process

  • Check your university has signed an exchange agreement with ISIT under the Erasmus+ program or under a bilateral agreement.
  • Contact the office at your university responsible for exchanges (generally the International Relations Service): your application will only be considered on receipt of a formal nomination from your home university.
  • ISIT’s Bureau International will then send you an email containing instructions, deadlines and the link to complete your registration. Our online platform will enable you to fill in your registration form, upload the necessary documents and obtain practical information to prepare your stay at ISIT.

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Double diplomas

ISIT has official partnerships for 6 double diplomas with top-level universities in China, the United States, Lebanon, Italy and Portugal.


  • Double diploma with the Beijing Languages and Culture University (BLCU)diploma ranked as Master in Intercultural Communication and Translation or diploma ranked as Master in Conference  Interpretation at ISIT.
  • Double diploma with the Guangdong University Foreign Studies(GDUFS): diploma ranked as Master in Intercultural Communication and Translation or diploma ranked as Master in Conference Interpretation at ISIT.


  • Double diploma ranked as Master in Intercultural Digital Strategy with Kent University.



  • Double diploma with Saint-Joseph University of Beirutdiploma ranked as Master in Intercultural Communication and Translation or diploma ranked as Master in Conference Interpretation at ISIT.


Read testimonies from alumni who graduated with international double diplomas.

• Translation • ISIT 2013 • China

Adrien Maynard

Develop your general knowledge and deepen your language skills, but to keep posted on the world you live in.
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Sign up for a full-time course at ISIT

Candidates who have not been educated in the French educational system can join ISIT in the year corresponding to the level of studies that is validated in their country of origin.

In order to join l’ISIT, candidates at all levels must present both French and English and a third language chosen from German, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or Russian.

Any other language can be subjected to an examination that is validated at the end of the course.

Any candidate with the following language combinations in both directions, can join ISIT for specific programs:


  • English/German
  • English/Arabic
  • English/Chinese
  • English/Spanish
  • English/Italian
  • English/Portugese
  • English/Russian

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