Our team

Meet the team at ISIT, the international and intercultural Grande Ecole.


Beate BALDWIN, Dean and Chief Executive Officer direction@isit-paris.fr

Angélique POY, Assistant to the CEO and HR Manager – a.poy@isit-paris.fr

Student Life and Well-being

Student Life and Well-being

Student Life Coordinator, Sophrologist and Disability Officer : Cécile GIUSTI – vie.etudiante@isit-paris.fr/referent.handicap@isit-paris.fr


Head Librarian : Sarah ZAJDE – s.zajde@isitparis.eu

Assistant Librarian : Brigitte LAW-WA b.law-wa@isitparis.eu

Talents and Careers

Talents and Careers Director : Marianna GYAPAY –m.gyapay@isit-paris.fr

Careers & Internships Assistant : Ghanya DJAFFAR MMADI – stages@isit-paris.fr


Executive Education, ISIT Apprenticeship Center and Apprenticeship Tax

Director of Executive Education : Nathalie BERARDINO – n.berardino@isit-paris.fr

Executive Assistant : Karima MAUDARBUXk.maudarbux@isit-paris.fr

Academic Services

Director of Studies : Océane SCHAACK – o.schaack@isit-paris.fr

Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Programs : Philippe TABARES – 1ercycle@isit-paris.fr

Administrative Assistant, Master’s Programs (Intercultural Communication and Translation, Intercultural Digital Strategy / International Communication and Technology) : Nicolas GUENIERmasterCIT@isit-paris.fr


Administrative Assistant, Master’s Programs (Intercultural Management, International Strategies and Diplomacy, Conference Interpreting) : Deirdre IBO – masterMI@isit-paris.fr



Academic Coordinators

Yann OBAME, Academic Directorobame.yan@isitparis.eu

Sandra PLAZA-VILLA, Head of Undergraduate Work Placementss.plazavilla@isit-paris.fr

Language Department Coordinators

Academic Department Directors

Intercultural Management : Nathalie LORRAIN – lorrain.nathalie@isitparis.eu 

Intercultural Communication and Translation : Nadia BENSMAIL bensmail.nadia@isitparis.eu

International Strategies and Diplomacy : Diana SAIZ NAVARRO – d.saiznavarro@isit-paris.fr

Intercultural Digital Strategy / International Communication and Technology : Joëlle COHEN – cohen.joelle@isitparis.eu

Conference Interpreting : Sarah BORDES s.bordes@isit-paris.fr

Lawyer-Linguist Studies : Agata DE LAFORCADE delaforcade.agata@isitparis.eu


Research Department

Responsable de la valorisation de la recherche étudiante : Carolina BLEY LOEZbleyloez.carolina@isitparis.eu

Research Coordination and Cooperation Projects : Ludovica MAGGI l.maggi@isit-paris.fr 

EPEx Research Representative : Christine DURIEUXdurieux.christine@isitparis.eu 

International Development and Accreditations Department

Director : Sarah BORDES s.bordes@isit-paris.fr

International Mobility Officer : Nicolas MARTIN –  international@isit-paris.fr

Incoming Mobility Officer : Maicol VILLEGAS RODRIGUEZ – asst.intl@isit-paris.fr

International Partnerships : Christian VARGAS ISLAS – c.vargas@isit-paris.fr

Development Department

Development Director : Christopher SMITH smith.christopher@isitparis.eu

Deputy director for relations with high schools : Maria José HERNANDEZ – m.j.hernandez@isit-paris.fr

Promotion and Recruitment (France) : Christel REILLE – c.reille@isit-paris.fr

Promotion and Recruitment (International) : Christian VARGAS ISLAS– c.vargas@isit-paris.fr

Digital Communications : Anthony PEREIRA – communication@isit-paris.fr

Admissions/Enrollment Department

Admissions and Enrollment Coordinator : Hadja BARRY admissions@isit-paris.fr


Resources Department

Director : Stéphane STRTAKs.strtak@isit-paris.fr

Accountant : François COMBERIATI f.comberiati@isit-paris.fr

Digital Projects Manager : Jean-Pierre BASCANDS – resp.num@isit-paris.fr

Systèmes d’informations : Adrien MOKODZIa.mokodzi@isit-paris.fr

Administrative Officer : Virginie AGAASSE –  v.agaasse@isit-paris.fr

Campus Services/Facilities Management

Hamza AHADDAD – services.generaux@isit-paris.fr

Assistant : Benoît GODOUET – b.godouet@isit-paris.fr

Board of Directors

ISIT is a private higher education institution with public service missions (EESPIG). Its governance is handled by a Board of Directors whose members, all volunteers, come from the business world or from the school’s specialist sectors.

Chair : Marc ESTEVA