Our team

As a grande école of multilingual and intercultural expertise, ISIT is structured around clearly identifiable poles, favoring both students and pedagogy. The light, agile structure of the administrative services reflects ISIT’s priorities in the service of teaching.


Beate BALDWIN, Dean and Chief Executive Officer direction@isit-paris.fr

Angélique POY, Assistant to the CEO and HR Manager – a.poy@isit-paris.fr – rh@isit-paris.fr

Student Life and Well-being

Student Life Coordinator, Sophrologist and Disability Officer : Cécile GIUSTI – vie.etudiante@isit-paris.fr/referent.handicap@isit-paris.fr


Head Librarian : Sarah ZAJDE – s.zajde@isitparis.eu

Assistant Librarian : Brigitte LAW-WA b.law-wa@isitparis.eu


Academic Services

Director of Studies : Océane SCHAACK – o.schaack@isit-paris.fr

Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Programs : Chahnez REZGUI – 1ercycle@isit-paris.fr

Administrative Assistant, Master’s Programs (Intercultural Communication and Translation, Intercultural Digital Strategy / International Communication and Technology) : Nicolas GUENIERmasterCIT@isit-paris.fr


Administrative Assistant, Master’s Programs (Intercultural Management, International Strategies and Diplomacy, Conference Interpreting) : Johanna FAN – masterMI@isit-paris.fr




Academic Coordinators

Academic Director : Yann OBAME – obame.yan@isitparis.eu


Language Department Coordinators

Head of Undergraduate Work Placements : Sandra PLAZA-VILLA – s.plazavilla@isit-paris.fr


Academic Department Directors

International Strategies and Diplomacy : Diana SAIZ NAVARRO – d.saiznavarro@isit-paris.fr

Lawyer-Linguist Studies : Agata DE LAFORCADE delaforcade.agata@isitparis.eu

Intercultural Communication and Translation : Nadia BENSMAIL bensmail.nadia@isitparis.eu

Intercultural Management : Nathalie LORRAIN – lorrain.nathalie@isitparis.eu 

Intercultural Digital Strategy / International Communication and Technology : Joëlle COHEN – cohen.joelle@isitparis.eu

Conference Interpreting : Gisela HEYMANN – heymann.gisela@isitparis.eu


Research Department

Head of student research promotion : Malek AL-ZAUM – alzaum.malek@isitparis.eu

Research Coordination and Cooperation Projects : Pascale ELBAZ – elbaz.pascale@isitparis.eu

Theses and dissertations : Christine DURIEUX – durieux.christine@isitparis.eu

International Development and Accreditations Department

Director : Christian VARGAS ISLAS – c.vargas@isit-paris.fr

International Mobility Officer : Khadija AHJAMEinternational@isit-paris.fr

Incoming Mobility Officer : Gabrielle METAYER – international@isit-paris.fr

Development department

Director of marketing development, communications and admissions : Christopher SMITH – c.smith@isit-paris.fr

Deputy director for relations with high schools : Maria José HERNANDEZ – m.j.hernandez@isit-paris.fr

Digital Communications Officer : Sandrine TRINH – s.trinh@isit-paris.fr

Event Communications Officer : Jessica SOARES – j.soares@isit-paris.fr

Digital Marketing : Anthony PEREIRA –communication@isit-paris.fr

Admissions and Enrollment Coordinator Hadja BARRY admissions@isit-paris.fr

Admissions Assistant : Shoushanik KOURGUIGNYAN s.kourguignyan@isit-paris.fr

Director of business development : Jean-Marie ARDISSON – jm.ardisson@isit-paris.fr

Talents and Careers Director : Marianna GYAPAY –m.gyapay@isit-paris.fr

Administrative manager : Virginie AGAASSE –  v.agaasse@isit-paris.fr

Careers & Internships Assistant : Tatiana RYBINA – stages@isit-paris.frasst.insertion@isit-paris.fr

Director of Executive Education : Nathalie BERARDINO – n.berardino@isit-paris.fr

Executive Assistant : Hadile BEY – h.bey@isit-paris.fr

Finance & Administration

Director : Catherine GARNOTEL – c.garnotel@isit-paris.fr

Accountant : François COMBERIATI – f.comberiati@isit-paris.fr

Project lead, procedures and invoicing : Oigide CHARRAOUI – charraoui.oigide@isitparis.eu

HR Manager – Angélique Poy – a.poy@isit-paris.fr

Head of General Services : Hamza AHADDADservices.generaux@isit-paris.fr

Multi-function assistant : Benoît GODOUET – b.godouet@isit-paris.fr

Board of Directors

ISIT is a private higher education institution with public service missions (EESPIG). Its governance is handled by a Board of Directors whose members, all volunteers, come from the business world or from the school’s specialist sectors.

Chair : Marc ESTEVA

Vice-Chairman : Bénédicte RICHARD

Treasurer : Nathalie Locqueville