Student engagement at ISIT

Training committed and responsible young people to serve society is one of the major challenges facing Grandes Écoles.

Student and community life are considered essential at ISIT. Student associations are supported in organizing their projects and campus events.

Association, solidarity or university projects encourage students to acquire skills and knowledge that contribute to their personal development, citizenship awareness and professional integration.

Student engagement at ISIT

Associations are a fundamental component of the Grande École experience

Student engagement at ISIT has been mandatory since the French Education Ministry circular of April 2022. Involvement in an association means taking part in the life of your Grande École, promoting it and energizing your campus. It also enables you to develop cross-disciplinary skills alongside your academic curriculum, meet other students and build a personal network.

For these reasons, ISIT attaches huge value to promoting student associations and their projects.

Associations at ISIT: Support LGBTQIA+ causes by joining the various ISIT associations.

Students’ Common Room (BDE)

The ISIT BDE sets the pace for campus life, creates a welcoming atmosphere and plays a central role in integrating new students. Providing links between students and staff, the BDE organizes numerous receptions (including the famous annual gala) and activities throughout the year through its various sections: events, communication, music, sports, press, cinema and international. One of its main objectives is to promote exchanges between students with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, while providing events for all students throughout the year.

Junior ISIT

Junior ISIT is ISIT’s Junior Entreprise, a non-profit association that enables students to learn entrepreneurial skills and to put them into practice. Junior ISIT is run entirely by students who assign client missions to students known as “consultants”. As a member of the Confédération Nationale des Junior Entreprises (CNJE), it offers linguistic expertise, content creation and marketing surveys in the working languages taught at ISIT. Junior ISIT is a powerful lever for professional integration and offers exceptional social and business experiences both in France and abroad.

Carrières Internationales

The Carrières internationales association is built around projects on European and UN themes: MUN and MEU (simulated debates in the format of the United Nations and the European Union), or conferences and debates on current affairs and international issues. Its aim is to train Isitists through fun, professionally oriented activities. The Carrières internationales association also has close contacts with the French United Nations Association and is a member of the Comité interuniversitaire des Nations Unies de Paris. For its European projects, the association regularly organizes activities and events with the Maison de l’Europe in Paris.

Divers ISIT

This association was founded in 2020 to give visibility to minorities, whether of gender, nationality or religion, and to campaign for respect and acceptance in our society of the LGBTQIA+ community, intersectional feminism, and people with disabilities. Students can take part in café-discussions, fundraising events and inclusive workshops.  Any student wishing to defend equality for all and learn more about the differences that make up our world today is welcome!

ISIT legal clinic

ISIT Legal Clinic is France’s leading multilingual legal clinic. Its ambition: to provide legal advice in 8 languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. The association was founded in 2018 by students on the Lawyer-Linguist course, with two main objectives:

  • To provide assistance and legal advice to non-French-speaking applicants,
  • To publish online articles, schematics and educational videos on various legal topics.


Solidar’ISIT was created in 2011 as the school’s humanitarian association. Its aim is to raise students’ awareness of solidarity commitments in a spirit of fun and hospitality. To achieve this, it has set up partnerships with various associations: Action Froid, Un Enfant par la Main, Fair[e] un monde équitable, SINGA… Every year, it organizes pub quizzes, cake sales and zero-waste DIY workshops in aid of various solidarity initiatives.


Botan’ISIT is an environmental association whose action is essentially based on raising awareness. With a proactive approach, it is committed to preserving the environment through two distinct but complementary activities. The gardening division is involved in the upkeep of green spaces on the ISIT campus. The Animal Unit is dedicated to raising awareness of crucial issues such as animal welfare, health and combatting animal abuse.

The Ambassadeurs network

The Ambassadeurs network was created by ISIT to bring together all students involved in promoting the school: open days, student fairs, internal events, etc. The network provides students with training in the best practices of events communication, and develops their spirit of inclusiveness in the Grande Ecole.

Join the network for 2024/25!


This association was created to celebrate languages and cultures. Multilingual and intercultural events such as language cafés and themed days set the pace for campus life. The association also marks events such as the Lunar New Year celebrated in Asia, Diwali, the Festival of Lights in India, and Laïd el kebir, the festival marking the end of Ramadan.

Le club Equi_Libre

A recent initiative at ISIT, this club offers yoga, sophrology and other relaxation and well-being activities for the ISIT community.


Game ISIT is the new club dedicated to relaxation and hospitality. With a wide range of activities to suit all tastes (board games, role-plays, video games and even casino games). Game ISIT offers a space where students can meet, have fun and bond.

Le Bureau des Arts (BDA)

The Bureau des Arts provides a forum to share artistic passions within the school, through workshops in various disciplines run by ISIT students and with external activities offered throughout the year.