Our commitments

Each year since 2018, ISIT has sought to focus the energies of the entire school community on one of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 through its ‘theme of the year’.

Engaging with the world

In a fast-changing world, a Grande Ecole with a public service mission like ISIT has a duty to engage with social issues and to do its bit to promote knowledge, debate and measured reflection on the great topics of our age.


This engagement is also an opportunity to make use of the intercultural and multilingual expertise of our students, whose adaptability and understanding of otherness, combined with their solid linguistic knowledge, are more vital than ever.

Cooperating for a cause

Because our school is firmly rooted in its local community, we are always seeking to engage with local issues and strengthen our ties with stakeholders in our immediate vicinity.

The school and its student societies also organize a wealth of projects and events, with freedom of expression and entrepreneurial spirit our watchwords. Each of our students is encouraged to be creative and to come up with innovative ideas, qualities that are much sought after in the world of work. The open-mindedness and intellectual curiosity of our community are sizeable assets in our efforts to keep on expanding the reach of our initiatives.

Theme of the year

Each year since 2018, ISIT has chosen a theme of the year, which becomes a focal point both in the classroom and for extra-curricular activities.




Our first theme of the year sought to raise our students’ awareness of disability issues. Highlights included a hackathon, guest speakers and charity events.



Climate change

2019 – 2020

A theme that left a lasting mark through student-led initiatives to make our campus more environmentally friendly.




2020 – 2021

A number of events and initiatives were pursued throughout the year, including the creation of gender-neutral toilets in association with Divers’ISIT.


Sport and Well-being

2021 – 2022

A multidimensional theme in keeping with ISIT’s multidisciplinary degree programs.

  • Management: the importance of marketing and communication in sport, e.g. the role of ‘sports management’.
  • International relations: the geopolitical issues of major sporting events, e.g. sport as ‘soft power’.
  • Languages: sports terminology, the specific challenges of interpreting in the world of sport.
  • Digital:  sport and television, sport and social media.

Sport and Well-being: a theme in line with ISIT’s values.

The entire ISIT community – students, teachers and administrative staff – share the values inherent in sport:  curiosity and ethics, boldness and rigor, passion and humanism.


Une étudiante rencontre un membre de l'équipe des Juniorisit

Theme of the year 2022 – 2023: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Inspired by UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 16, this theme is particularly resonant in the current geopolitical climate.

Conflict and insecurity also have a considerable negative impact on sustainable development. ISIT is committed to raising the awareness of its students and teachers through classes, talks, conferences, workshops and charity activities.

Follow the latest news on our theme:

Our new theme will give rise to a variety of events, activities and initiatives on peace, justice, international relations and diplomacy. Read more about them in our articles!

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