ISIT’s student societies

Producing responsible and socially aware young people is one of the key goals for Grandes Ecoles.

ISIT pays particular attention to its students’ extracurricular activities, striving to support students with their endeavors to contribute to the common good, and to help them find personal fulfilment.

Extracurricular activities at ISIT are multifaceted, comprising student societies, volunteering, tutoring and more.

Our student societies

Student societies: a key element of a Grande Ecole program

In 2022, the French Ministry of Education made extracurricular activities an integral part of the Grande Ecole student experience. Students are required to get involved in student societies, promote their school or contribute to making its campus a vibrant and interesting place. In so doing, they can develop transferrable skills alongside their studies, meet other students and build a network of contacts.

For all these reasons, ISIT attaches great importance to its student societies and their projects.




Associations at ISIT: Support LGBTQIA+ causes by joining the various ISIT associations.

The Student Union (Bureau des étudiants – BDE)

The ISIT Student Union helps students have fun and plays a central role in integrating new students, as well as serving as an intermediary between students and the administration. The Student Union organizes various parties and activities throughout the year, including the annual integration weekend for new students, and comprises various teams: events, communications, music, sportstudent newspapercinema, international… One if its main goals is to foster interaction between students with different languages and cultures.



ISIT’s 7,000+ graduates are all entitled to join AlumnISIT, giving them access to a unique network to :

  • Develop contacts with other former students,
  • Exchange professional advice,
  • Facilitate their integration in the world of work.

The “Insiders” team, made up of current students, share information and organize events on campus.

Graduates contact :

Connect to the AlumnISIT Live platform



The Arts Office (Bureau des Arts – BDA)

The Arts Office enables students to share their artistic passions at the school, through student-led workshops and outside events throughout the year.

Le Club Equi_Libre

This new club offers yoga and sophrology sessions and other relaxation and well-being activities for the ISIT community.


International Careers

The International Careers society, founded in 2018, focuses on EU- and UN-related themes: it holds MUN and MEU events (simulating UN and EU debates), as well as talks and debates on current affairs and international issues.
The aim? To provide activities that are both fun and educational for ISIT students. The International Careers society has also built close ties with the French United Nations Association and is a member of the United Nations’ Interuniversity Committee in Paris. For its European projects, the society regularly organizes activities and events with the Maison de l’Europe in Paris.



Created in 2020, this student society aims to boost the visibility of minorities, addressing matters of gender, race, religion, as well as campaigning for respect and acceptance for the LGBTQIA+ community, intersectional feminism, and people with disabilities in our society. It organizes discussions, fundraising and inclusivity workshops. Any student who wants to advocate for equality for all and learn more about difference and diversity is welcome!


ISIT Legal Clinic

ISIT Legal Clinic is France’s first multilingual legal clinic. Its ambition? To provide legal advice in 8 languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish). Created in 2018 by students on the Lawyer-Linguist program, the Clinic has two main aims :

  • To provide legal assistance and advice to non-French speakers,
  • To publish educational articles, diagrams and videos online on various legal subjects.



Created in 2011, Solidar’ISIT is the school’s humanitarian aid society. Its goal? To raise students’ awareness of worthy causes through a fun and friendly approach. It has forged partnerships with various charities, such as Action Froid, Un Enfant par la Main, Fair[e] un monde équitable, and SINGA. Each year, it organizes pub quizzes, bake sales, and zero-waste DIY workshops for various causes to help ISIT students make a difference.


Les Jeunes Pousses

Les Jeunes Pousses is a student society that sells baskets of local, organic, seasonal vegetables at ISIT every Tuesday to help raise awareness of the importance of buying local!


This society was created to showcase languages and cultures through language cafés, themed days and other multilingual and intercultural events.

The Ambassador network

The Ambassador network was created to unite all ISIT students who help to promote the school through open days, fairs, internal events, the Study Advisor platform, etc. The Ambassador network helps train students in good promotion practice, as well as developing their pride in their school.


Junior ISIT

Junior ISIT is ISIT’s Junior-Enterprise, a non-profit organization which aims to enable the school’s students to put what they have learned into practice. It is entirely student-run, with the management team entrusting real-world assignments to other students, known as “consultants”. A member of the Confédération Nationale des Junior-Entreprises (CNJE), it offers linguistic expertise, content creation and marketing studies in the working languages taught at ISIT (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish). Junior ISIT is not only an invaluable source of professional experience, but also an incredible experience on a human level, enabling students to make a wide variety of connections in France and beyond.

Visit the Junior ISIT website