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10 March 2021

DIVERS’ISIT : TRANScending the gender

DIVERS’ISIT invites you to its TRANScending Gender workshop on Thursday, March 11 from 3 to 4 pm on Teams


The TRANScending Gender workshop is an introduction to the topics of gender and transidentity.

The program: What is transidentity, how to see beyond the binary system or live together in respect of the other.

The objective behind our “TRANScender le genre” Workshop is to provide the tools to understand the concept of gender and trans identities.

This project is brought to you by Divers’ISIT, the feminist and LGBTQIA+ association of our school. Camille, Jules and Kell, three trans people and members of our association will lead you through this little guide of dos and don’ts. This topic of trans identity is surrounded with misconceptions and we deemed crucial to to openly talk about it to give more information about it. We wish, through this workshop, to familiarize the audience with different outlooks on gender and give them the keys they need to a better understanding of these questions, and a more open mind. This way, we can all move towards the creation of safer spaces.

This year at ISIT, “Égalité, Altérité, DIverSITé” are the key words so this is the perfect moment to bring forward our differences and learn from each other!

We hope this workshop will help build a caring environment for all!


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