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08 April 2022

Our advice – The Parcoursup cover letter

The cover letter (also known as a motivated educational proposal) may seem easy at first glance, but it takes a little thought! We’ll give you a helping hand. 


Indeed, the cover letter is the document with which your motivation to integrate a specific training will be evaluated. As you will have understood, it is a fundamental element for your wishes on Parcoursup

Writing a cover letter therefore requires some introspection beforehand. Ask yourself the right questions: 

  • What job do you want to do? In what field do you want to work? What are your projects? What interests you? 

Even if you don’t have all the answers to these questions yet, thinking about them will help you see things more clearly and sort through the different possibilities available to you. 

1. A personalized letter for every wish 

A common mistake is to write a generic cover letter for each application. Instead, write a personalized cover letter. The examiners need to see that you have understood the issues of the program and that it really corresponds to you. So add personalized elements specific to the program you are applying for.

⇒ For example, if you are applying to ISIT, why not motivate your choice by your passion for languages? The reviewers will see that you have captured the essence of ISIT. 


2. Emphasize your goals and projects 

Unlike a traditional cover letter, you do not necessarily have to highlight your professional skills and experience. Show the reviewers of your application that you have a long-term vision, that you have projects and ambitions that, without the chosen training, will not be successful. 

⇒ For example, for ISIT, talk about your desire to work internationally, to master several languages perfectly, or your interest in international news. 


3. Why did you choose this program? 

Explain what attracted you to the program. What would you gain from it compared to another program? Highlight what you liked/attracted most about the proposed course. 

⇒ For example, for ISIT, you could talk about the diversity of the courses offered, the different course projects or the numerous international study and internship opportunities. 


4. Elements that influenced your choice 

Many factors around you may have guided your choice. What were they? For example, being part of an expatriate family, being passionate about a culture, having traveled a lot, having an English-speaking classmate, having an uncle who studied in the program in question… The reasons are numerous and are specific to you. Talk about it to justify your choice of training, we are interested! 


5. Proofreading: it’s better to proofread twice than once!

After spending an hour or two on your cover letter, it will be difficult for you to step back and look at the spelling and syntax errors. However, it is imperative that you avoid any mistakes, which could reflect badly on you. 

Ask for help, and have someone close to you proofread it several times so that no typo slips through in your motivated training project!

You have now mastered the art of the motivated training proposal. All that’s left is to get started!


Don’t hesitate to make a personal appointment with our ISIT managers who will guide you in your orientation reflection. 

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