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Bachura Magdalena

School year Formation continue - ISIT 2020
Country France

Bachura Magdalena took the 2019-2020 translation certification class : New translation technologies. 

Before ISIT ?

I’m Polish and have been living in France for nearly 10 years now. I first fell in love with the French language in middle school when an amazing teacher encouraged my linguistic and cultural curiosity. 

I centered my studies around languages quite naturally : 

  • I graduated from the University of Warsaw with a Master’s degree in French language and literature and later had the opportunity to go to France.
  • I worked for almost six years in a French transportation company in Lille. After those few years, I made a career change, which, in my case, was in line with my first love : languages. Pursuing translation seemed to be a perfect fit. To that end, I took a one-year executive program specializing in translation at ISIT.

Why this executive education course at ISIT?

After several weeks of actively searching for translation courses, and having analyzed various options both in France and abroad, ISIT rapidly became the obvious choice. My goal was to master the technologies, techniques, and knowledge needed for a career in translation as soon as possible. ISIT is the only French institution offering an executive education program leading to a certificate equivalent to a master’s degree in just one year. This is a real asset and was exactly what I was looking for. 

What are the assets of ISIT’s continuing training course?

The training course year at ISIT was very enriching. I acquired a lot of knowledge and skills, but also met great people. I particularly think about my colleagues with whom I shared intense moments and strong mutual support. We all had varied professional experiences and each of us could bring many things to the table. 

I also met remarkable teachers, always available and ready to exchange around the different aspects of the profession. As all teachers work “in the field”, they could tell us about each topic in a concrete way, providing us with practical information in line with market reality. We were in a real professional relationship and not in the classic “teacher-student” dynamic.

That year was also well planned out. We knew what to expect from the beginning, which allowed us to better organise our year and anticipate possible difficulties.

One of the best assets of ISIT remains the network of alumni, teachers and other lecturers. Thanks to this network, I was able to complete my internship in a former ISIT student’s agency. 

ISIT is a well known school which opens many doors to its students.

After ISIT ?

When entering ISIT, my dream was to work independently as a freelancer. The executive program confirmed my choice and I have started my own independent business.

As I already mentioned, ISIT allowed me to meet great people and I knew that our shared adventure wouldn’t end with the training course. 

One of my classmates, Audrey, created her own translation agency, which confirmed this hunch. I am delighted to be able to continue working with my ISIT classmates.