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Joy Lemaire

School year ISIT 2014
Country France

Joy Lemaire talks about her career path and her legal training at ISIT, which was an opportunity to perfect her professional profile.

Why did you choose ISIT’s “Intercultural Communication in Law” course?

I graduated with a Master’s in international and European public law and centered my studies around international law, humanitarian law and human rights.

To enhance my professional experience, I chose internships that would allow me to combine all those subjects in the field, whether with the Department of Defense, at the National Court of Asylum, or with public lawyers’ law practices. Since I love traveling, I also graduated from a Master of Business Administration in Australia to complete my studies. I thus had law and language skills but no knowledge of communication or interculturality. ISIT’s course was a great opportunity to polish my professional profile.

How does this course complete your legal training?

Most classes offer hands-on experience, providing realistic insight into professions in which interculturality plays a key role, because we work abroad, or with or for foreigners. I got useful practical tips and simulation exercises that I can use today.

I’m thinking in particular about when we worked with future interpreters (simulation of a trial before an international court) and when we met the European Court of Humans Rights interpreters in Strasbourg.

I polished my legal vocabulary and became more knowledgeable in some fields.

It was an opportunity to join a small class size and to forge bonds, learning mutual trust and building team spirit. I think none of us will forget our final months as students and we will all meet again during our careers.

How do you intend to use what you learned at ISIT?

I now work as a lawyer, mainly for the right to asylum and immigration law. I am thus faced daily with interculturality and communication with non-French speaking people who have a different culture from mine. I also have to work with interpreters when in the courtroom. In other words, ISIT’s course is a real advantage in everyday life.

Do you have any advice for candidates?

Don’t hesitate to do an internship abroad. It truly is an opportunity to discover a new environment and enriching, both for your professional life and yourself.