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Yasmine Khalouch

Communication and marketing
School year ISIT 2012
Yasmine graduated from ISIT in 2012 with a Master’s in Intercultural Management. She made the most of her interdisciplinary education and a sandwich course year to be offered a high-level position right out of school. Find out how she did it, step by step.
Before ISIT?

Before enrolling on the Intercultural Management master’s course at ISIT, I completed a three-year degree in Applied Foreign Languages, which included a year in Spain. I entered ISIT as a fourth-year student, enrolling on the Master in Intercultural Management program.

  • I chose ISIT for the emphasis they place on building a career: students are supported, given access to a whole host of internships and have the opportunity to complete a sandwich course as part of their fifth and final year.
  • I also chose ISIT for the cross-cultural dimension of the Master’s in Intercultural Management. All the courses have an intercultural focus: translation, of course, but also marketing, human resources, etc.
What are the advantages of an ISIT education?

The Master’s in Intercultural Management is very thorough. In my current role, I’ve used something from every course I’ve taken, from reviewing and summarizing documents to human resources, and of course translation, but also intercultural management, which helped me to quickly understand corporate culture and the field of communications.

Thanks to ISIT’s courses and system, I’ve also learned to work under pressure and to prioritize.

After ISIT?

After my apprenticeship at Orange Group as Community Manager for the company’s internal social media network, I was recruited as Communications Officer in the Group’s research and networks division. I do as much external communication– i.e. managing press relations and partnerships, writing articles and developing videos for corporate websites–as I do internal communication, which includes managing the intranet and organizing events.

What is your advice to future ISIT students?  
  • Definitely talk about your professional goals during your internships and apprenticeships, but also share them with your personal contacts.
  • Learn to present your professional experience and the projects you are working on at ISIT or on the side.