Marketing and Communication Officer

The marketing and communication officer contributes to managing the company’s image by implementing the organization’s strategy for product communication. He/she contributes to the reputation, development and economic efficiency of the organization. He/she liaises between marketing and communication and promotes commercial development. He/she can be responsible for communication for a product, a service, an activity, a product line or a brand.

What does a communication and marketing manager do?

  • Market research (marketing analysis, competition watch, consumer analysis).
  • Participates in developing the brand’s communication policy (defines objectives, implements the communication plan).
  • Manages communication actions (selects company events: trade shows, forums, press relations, budget management), evaluates the results of actions, makes recommendations.
  • Creates communication media (specifications for visuals: logo, visual guidelines…, creates or subcontracts multimedia).

What is his/her main know-how?

  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Communication techniques
  • Ability to analyze and summarize

What are his/her main soft skills?

  • Discipline
    The marketing and communication manager must know how to develop and manage a budget. He/she sets the objectives and performance parameters for the project. He/she must therefore be disciplined and organized in order to carry out his/her missions successfully.
  • Listening skills
    The marketing and communication manager has excellent interpersonal skills. He/she enjoys teamwork and dialoguing with a large number of partners. He/find time for others and is available to listen.
  • Creativity
    In order to be able to communicate about his/her products as effectively as possible, he/she must be creative. He/she has a curious and open mind, makes proposals and has original ideas.

Working environment

The specialization of marketing/communication missions depends on the size and internal organization of the company that employs the marketing and communication manager. His/her management activity is only exercised in larger companies, after a few years of experience. In small and medium-sized companies, he/she is usually the only person with these functions.

Career prospects

Salary range at first job: between 25 and 35 K€ (depending on the sector and type of company).

Examples of career moves : Marketing Director, Communication Director


What training to become a marketing and communications manager?

ISIT offers students with an interest in becoming a marketing and communication manager the opportunity to study for our master’s degree in intercultural communication and translation. This program provides you with a dual qualification. It is also possible for students wishing to train for this profession to also take the master’s degree in intercultural management.