Grande Ecole program Grande Ecole program

Intercultural Management

In short Grande Ecole program
Academic field (or area) Marketing, human resources, management
Type of degree Master degree
Study level Bac+5
Entry level Post-bac à bac+4
Working languages 9 languages
Accessibility Accessible training

About the Master’s program in Intercultural Management

Our Master’s programs offer students the opportunity to put the multilingual and intercultural expertise they have acquired during the pre-Master’s program into practice in various professional environments.

ISIT produces graduates with a strong general knowledge and a solid understanding of intercultural issues who are able to show agility in an international environment and to grasp the complexity of globalized organizations and businesses.

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  • Corporate executives and consultants
  • Professional coaches
  • Researchers and academics

Learning objectives


  • Graduates who offer strong linguistic and intercultural added value, ready to fill key positions in companies and organizations of all sizes.
  • Produce graduates capable of managing projects in an intercultural context.

Practical skills acquired

  • Management of multicultural teams across the world
  • International and intercultural marketing
  • International human resources
  • Consulting in change management and organizational transformation
  • International and external communications
  • Project management: methodologies and tools


1st Year of master’s degree


  • Organization and corporate culture
  • Diversity management
  • International human resources + employer branding
  • Introduction to labor law
  • Social and solidarity economy ecosystem + Excel
  • Support for HR and CSR projects
  • CSR: responsible organization and sustainable development
  • Geopolitics and business: understanding spaces
  • Refugees, displaced persons and migratory flows
  • Visit to an industrial site
  • Innovation through design thinking
  • Business intelligence and security


  • Communication strategies & crisis communication
  • Marketing in services + events
  • Brands and marketing trends + B-to-B marketing
  • Big dates approach
  • Business language
  • Professional speaking in B, C and D languages
  • Economic and political analysis & translation
  • Professional writing in B languages


  • General and thematic research methodology
  • Facilitating research choices
  • Help with finding information and bibliography
  • Translation methodology
  • Dissertation (over 2 years)


  • Job placement forum and other activities
  • Personal branding (CV, cover letter, Linkedin / personal development)
  • 6-month internship/work placement

2nd Year of master’s degree


  • Change management
  • Human resources
  • Digital marketing
  • International Marketing
  • German and Italian Management
  • Managing a multicultural team
  • International talent development
  • Religion in the workplace
  • HR and finance in NGOs and associations
  • Business Game


  • Systemic organization for project management and conflict resolution
  • ANAI English
  • ANAI Language C


  • Research methodology
  • Dissertation supervisors


  • Job placement forum and other activities
  • Personal branding (CV, motivation letter, Linkedin / personal development°)
  • Activity report and portfolio of convincing achievements – updated professional project
  • 6-month work placement / internship 1 week IN 2

Two possible double degrees in 2nd Year of master's degree

  • ISCOM Porto


Once you’ve completed your specialization in Intercultural Management, you’ll be able to work in the corporate and entrepreneurial ecosystem: marketing, human resources, management, communications, etc.

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Getting ready to apply



Our course is open to candidates with a solid level in their mother tongue and two other working languages: French and English are compulsory, and the third working language can be chosen from Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Students may also choose a 4th working language among the official languages of ISIT

Degree level

  • Admission in 1st Year of master’s degree : 3rd year of higher education (L3) successfully completed
  • Admission in 2nd Year of master’s degree : Master 1 or equivalent (4 years of higher education in France or abroad officially recognised as being worth 240 ECTS) successfully completed

IMPORTANT: For the International Transformational Management specialization, the student’s Master 1 or equivalent qualification must be related to management and business administration.

Admission tests

  • Here you will find past papers related to ISIT’s Master’s admission process, including tests and subjects for each master’s degree from previous years, so that candidates have a complete overview of the expectations and requirements of the selection process.

Admission tests

Testimonies from our alumni

• Communication and marketing • ISIT 2015

Sophie Dibdin

The combination of languages, business and marketing at ISIT was one I hadn’t seen at any other school.
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• Communication and marketing • ISIT 2012

Yasmine Khalouch

The Master in Intercultural Management is very thorough. In my current role, I’ve used something from every class I took.
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• Communication and marketing • ISIT 2011 • United Kingdom

Mathieu Isidro

At ISIT, we are taught cultural sensitivity, without which we couldn’t translate effectively.
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