Grande Ecole program Grande Ecole program

International Strategies and Diplomacy

In short Grande Ecole program
Academic field (or area) Diplomacy, international relations, geopolitics
Type of degree Master degree
Study level Bac+5
Entry level Post-bac à bac+4
Working languages 9 languages
Accessibility Formation accessible

About the Master’s program in International Strategies and Diplomacy

Our Master’s programs offer students the opportunity to put the multilingual and intercultural expertise they have acquired during the pre-Master’s program into practice in various professional environments.

ISIT produces graduates with a strong general knowledge and a solid understanding of intercultural issues who are able to show agility in an international environment and to grasp the complexity of globalized organizations and businesses.

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  • Consultants and staff of international organizations
  • Lecturers and academics specializing in international affairs

Learning objectives

The Master’s degree in International Strategies and Diplomacy aims to:

  • Train experts in the major geopolitical issues of today’s world.
  • Produce graduates capable of managing projects in a multilateral context.

Practical skills acquired

  • Ability to analyze, understand, act and negotiate on behalf of public or private organizations in a multicultural context.
  • Ability to manage complex, long-term projects in an intercultural environment.


1st year of master’s degree


  • Globalization and international economic policy
  • Law of international organizations
  • Geopolitics: method and concepts
  • Introduction to the theory of international relations
  • Philosophy of international relations and global diplomatic issues
  • Theoretical and conceptual approaches to security and strategy
  • International cooperation
  • Geopolitics by region
  • Project management seminar
  • Economic and strategic intelligence


  • NGO lobbying and advocacy
  • Protocol and diplomatic practice
  • Professional speaking in B, C and D languages
  • Economic and political analysis and translation
  • Professional writing in B language


  • Research methodology
  • Facilitating research choices
  • Help with finding information and bibliographies
  • General research methodology


  • Job placement forum and other activities
  • Personal branding (CV, cover letter, LinkedIn / personal development)
  • 6-month internship/work placement 1 week in 2

2nd year of master’s degree


  • Definition, players and challenges of cultural diplomacy
  • Cultural project management
  • Cybersecurity issues
  • Security and defense (international issues)
  • Security and defense policies in France
  • International negotiation
  • International economic and financial regulations
  • Crisis management simulation
  • International protection of human rights


  • Geopolitics of Europe
  • ANAI English
  • ANAI Language C


  • Research dissertation


  • Job placement forum and other activities
  • Personal branding (CV, cover letter, LinkedIn / personal development)
  • Activity report and portfolio of convincing achievements – updated career plan
  • 6-month internship/work placement 1 week in 2

Double degree available in year 2

Students of ISIT and CFJ-Paris journalism school can follow a specially designed double degree program entitled International and Intercultural Issues and the Media, leading to the award of Master’s degrees from both schools. ​


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Getting ready to apply



Our course is open to candidates with a solid level in their mother tongue and two other working languages: French and English are compulsory, and the third working language can be chosen from Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Students may also choose a 4th working language among the official languages of ISIT.

  • ‘A’ language 
    • 1st and 2nd year: all students must have French as their mother tongue or hold a DELF or Institut français qualification demonstrating a B2 level in French. Non-native French speakers must be capable of following all their classes in French and will be treated as having French as their A language.

Degree level

  • Admission in 1st year of master’s degree : 3rd year of higher education (L3) successfully completed
  • Admission in 2nd year of master’s degree : Master 1 or equivalent (4 years of higher education in France or abroad officially recognised as being worth 240 ECTS) successfully completed

IMPORTANT: For the International Strategies and Diplomacy specialization, the student’s Master 1 or equivalent qualification must be related to international relations.

Admission tests

  • Here you will find past papers related to ISIT’s Master’s admission process, including tests and subjects for each master’s degree from previous years, so that candidates have a complete overview of the expectations and requirements of the selection process.

Admission tests

Testimonies from our alumni

• Communication and marketing • ISIT 2012

Elisabeth Wu

ISIT offers a very diverse program that gives students the opportunity to experience a little bit of everything and to work in different fields.
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• Communication and marketing • ISIT 2012

Yasmine Khalouch

The Master in Intercultural Management is very thorough. In my current role, I’ve used something from every class I took.
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• Consulting • ISIT 2012

Thibault Motté

The additional skill set in modern languages I developed at ISIT differentiates me from other law students.
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