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Bertille Marion

Course Master's degree
School year ISIT 2014
Specialization Intercultural Management

«Multidisciplinarity is an asset that makes ISIT students ready to work immediately after graduation»: Bertille Marion embodies this intercultural and agile profile that makes ISIT alumni stand out. From a preparatory course to a consultant and trainer job, and as a commercial manager of the Junior Company and spending 3 years in London, she followed a diversified path.

Before ISIT ?

After graduating from high school in literature, I followed a Preparatory course before joining ISIT in the third year. I knew I didn’t want to be a teacher, even though I loved literature, history and languages. Word-of-mouth paid off well because the testimonies of conference interpreting graduates convinced me to go to ISIT, without forgetting the school’s Open House. ISIT seemed to me to be well structured and that reassured me compared to university. It seemed to me that the school provided the kind of guidance I was seeking. 

Why ISIT ?

  • I chose the school without having any concrete job idea in mind! At first, I was attracted to the translation field, but after translating a lot for four months, I knew I didn’t want to be a translator! In my Master’s degree, I chose the Intercultural Management specialization, without really knowing what I was letting myself in for. I continued asking myself many questions throughout my course. I had the impression that it mainly contribued an intercultural aspect that benefited the fields of communication, HR or marketing.
  • Then my Master’s degree director explained to me that the fundamentals acquired at ISIT correspond to the main requirements of most companies. I was still perplexed because the classes seemed a little superficial to me, especially after a preparatory course…
  • But thanks to internships and especially my first professional experience I was convinced ! Being demanding, multilingual and lively : all those skills are seeds that were sowed over the years and classes, it was now time to harvest. 

After ISIT ?

  • After graduation, I left for London to work as an intercultural consultant in a language, communication and intercultural training company. For 3 years, I was managing the creation and implementation of communication and intercultural training for several diverse clients. This experience was very valuable, pushing me to comprehend various contexts for entirely international clients.
  • When I came back to France, I quickly integrated Mazars Alter&Go via the ISIT alumni network. Since January 2018, I have been working as a consultant and trainer in change management: I devise and lead training courses designed to provide managers with all the tools needed to lead their own teams towards change.

We are currently 6 ISIT graduates at Mazars Alter&Go. Why do our profiles embody the consulting field well ?

  • For our adaptability, agility and curiosity skills. In consulting, we work in many various areas, with different cultures and expectations : you need to understand each other’s context and translate it well for this purpose. 
  • For our ability to link the methodology specific to our company and the different cultures of our clients. This challenge is at the heart of these training positions. 

Any advice to conclude ?

  • Join the Junior company: I only joined Junior ISIT at the beginning of the second year of my Master’s degree, but if someone had told me, I would have joined it sooner! This one experience taught me a lot in terms of human adventure, team spirit, and professionalism. As a business manager, I supervised teams, wrote bids, and encountered clients. Hence, I had very convincing and concrete achievements to highlight during my recruitment interviews. Therefore, joining the Junior Company was for me a strong lever for professional integration, much more than my third year internships and the first year of my master’s degree. It is truly a foretaste of the professional world before even starting in the real one.
  • Take advantage of everything that is offered to prepare for the future, including professional conferences organized on Wednesday evenings because they give a good idea of the various jobs, on the basis of accounts from alumni.
  • Trust the diversity of ISIT’s teachings, which I now realize is a real strength ! Multidisciplinarity is an asset that makes ISIT students ready to work right after graduation. 

And today ?

Since 2022 Bertille Marion has been the project manager of Very Up, a company that creates customized training courses.