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Célia Sagnier

Communication and marketing
Course Master's degree
School year ISIT 2017
Specialization Intercultural Communications & Translation
Country France

How do you go from translation in an international organization to communications/marketing in a start-up ? Curiosity, a desire to learn, a sense of commitment, the ability to move from one environment to another, a constant quest for excellence: Célia is a typical ISIT student…

Before ISIT ?

I joined the first year of ISIT after a French high school diploma in literature and languages. I am passionate about languages, and had been lucky enough to go on an exchange to Germany in high school, which reinforced my decision to go into languages and intercultural studies.

Having discovered ISIT in the ONISEP guide to higher education and driven by curiosity, I first attended an Open Day at the school, during which I met several department heads, including the German department head, who made me realize that this school and its values would suit me.

Why ISIT ?

  • In terms of knowledge, mastering languages and their associated cultures allows you to open up to others, to learn how to deal with several cultures, without infringing on cultural codes. I especially enjoyed the translation and writing courses in English and German, as well as the liaison interpreting, where I felt comfortable.
  • ISIT also teaches a number of life skills: an eye for detail, curiosity, a willingness to learn, open-mindedness and humility – all skills learnt with translation.
  • Another strong point of ISIT is its internships. At the end of the first year of my master’s degree, I spent three months with the European Parliament‘s Directorate-General for Translation in Luxembourg.  This internship enabled me to approach translation from a new angle and to challenge myself in a highly enriching and particularly demanding professional context. I also met some exceptional people! I also completed a final translation internship with UNESCO‘s Intangible Heritage Section in Paris.

After ISIT ?

  • I graduated from ISIT in October 2017 – with a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication & Translation – and with an academic journey 100% specializing in translation and international organizations…I joined the start-up Mobility Work as a content writer in the spring 2018 ! My mission was to write blog articles, news, communication materials and other external content in French, then translate them into English and German. The solution developed by Mobility Work is translated into over 10 languages and our target is obviously multicultural. I also work on internet referencing and use several tools and skills that I have acquired in the corporate world.
  • Why such a change right after my first job ? Right after graduating and in the midst of my job search on the ISIT website, I discovered the testimony of a young graduate working in a startup which made me want to open up to other professional environments. I realized that this opportunity would enable me to acquire new skills and diversify my profile. At the same time, I was also a freelance copywriter during my studies, so I was able to justify my initial experience. In the end, it was my love of words and the prospect of translating that encouraged me to take the plunge 
  • My ISIT student soft skills undoubtedly made a difference when I was recruited, as they are particularly well-suited to a start-up environment, where you have to constantly try new things, step into the unknown, be on the lookout and prepared for change: curiosity, the desire to learn, commitment, the ability to move from one environment to another, the constant quest for excellence. The profiles of other ISIT students are both specific and show open-mindedness, which helped me through my thinking process and kept me from losing focus on what mattered. In my opinion, it is this unique combination and discipline that make the difference at ISIT.

Any advice for future students?

  • Always be curious and willing to learn. I’m a good example of this mind set, from translation to digital communication. Every experience can enrich your profile, and you shouldn’t be afraid to give things a try.
  • Be a team player: the team dynamic counts in a company, especially a startup.

And today?

Depuis 2023, Célia est toujours dans la rédaction de contenu et la communication. Elle occupe désormais le poste de French Content & Copywriter chez Paula’s Choice Skincare Europe – Unilever Prestige.

Célia is still working in content writing and communications She has now been French Content & Copywriter at Paula’s Choice Skincare Europe – Unilever Prestige since 2023.